Delta Airlines Ditches Vaxx Mandate

Delta Airlines Ditches Vaxx Mandate

Delta Airlines Ditches Vaxx Mandate

By Benny Johnson

Here’s what others had to say:

John Branyan
Delta is watching Southwest and saying, “Let’s do something different.”

Deb Montoya
It sounds like Delta pretty much said, “take the vaccine”, to the employees. There are only medical and religious reasons you will be allowed to NOT take the vaccine to work for Delta.

Ronniw Williams
Momentum, to getting America, and it’s Sovereignty is gaining. They want us to be a jigsaw puzzle piece, small and insignificant. But, We have to fight this tooth and nail. Look at a Tasmanian Devil, or Honey Badger. An entire Pack of Lions, walk away from Honey Badgers. Not worth the wounds. Us vs the globalists!

Cathy Keen
Hmm sounds liked that still kind of forced their employees if they’re charging non vaccinated employees. Course this snippet doesn’t mention that.

Leann Pennington
Hmmmm….I really wouldn’t call this one a freedom stand…I am all for the choice should be ours, but, I think there might be more to this little “stand”….

Robin Pookey
He said , the Delta CEO that 90% already got the vaccine..and he thinks he will reach 95% soon. A lot of my friends were afraid of losing their job so they went a head and got it. Sad…they didn’t want too. Health and religious reasons.

Jackie Coleman Faldmo
Actually he says that he trusts his employees to “do the right thing.” Doesn’t sound like they really want to give true freedom. I tried to get on with Delta about a month or two ago and they wouldn’t even give me the time of day because I said no to the vaccine. I know plenty of people who are sick after getting the vaccine who never were sick before. I am glad they are not “pushing it,” but there’s obviously something else they aren’t saying.
My friend, who has more health issues than you can imagine and has been in & out of the hospital for this & that reason for years, said yes to the vax question and was hired. I, on the other hand, hardly ever miss work for any reason, and was not even considered.

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