Jim Caviezel’s Response to America’s Crisis Is So Powerful

Jim Caviezel’s Response to America’s Crisis Is So Powerful

Jim Caviezel’s Response to America’s Crisis Is So Powerful

By Dan Bongino

Here’s what others had to say:

Connie J Olvera
No fear, total trust that God is with me wherever I am, whatever He puts in my path, that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me… whether that be to pray for those of flesh and blood who are serving the spiritual enemy of God as Jesus did on the cross, or to worship God believing for His victory over the spiritual enemy and the humans who refuse to repent. I will not allow myself to be silenced. I believe All lives matter, and I believe God is nearing a moment in eternity where He will fulfill His decrees in Revelation over those who oppose Him, their Creator. I am amazed they are so blinded that they are not afraid of the power of the Most High God… the only true God.

Connie Benline
I think most of us has known this that the fight is coming and we have to be brave.

Jan Blackwell
100% agree and he said it beautifully , wonderfully.. I already knew I liked him as an actor now I know he is a very good man man.

Melody Shewman
Totally amazing where we do not know the words to say God gives them to us stand and keep on standing.

Kim Pufahl
AMEN! I may be just some little old lady in nowhere USA. But I will never live in my knees and will help others to stand. After all we are from the land of the free and the home of the brave. And we will not be sold out to the highest bidder or the enemy of our country.

Diane Rose
Here’s another way to look at this. Moses was an intuitive man who could see what others couldn’t. The people did not fully understand the plan. There must be a plan or the war means nothing. What’s on the other side? I love Caveizel and his portrayal. But I also appreciate real life interactions. It’s true no appeasing, is there a greater power that can bond and link those who believe that good is worth fighting for. I stand for justice of every man, woman and child who is brought Into this world, abused by lies and swayed and backed with government degrees and follow the leader sheep. I deserve the right to the pursuit of wellness in these United States without persecution or defamation. #healthguru #cancersucks #diabetesisreversable #goodprevails #biblicalremedies for wellness Be well Bongino!

Sheri Emhoff
When good men say and do nothing, evil prevails. Our churches, our pastors, all that proclaim Christ should be on our knees praying, and yes, fasting and we should never be afraid to speak truth. May the God of heaven and earth help us to be strong, and speak against the evil in this country, and in this world.

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