Australian Student Has a Chilling Warning for Every American

Australian Student Has a Chilling Warning for Every American

Australian Student Has a Chilling Warning for Every American

By Charlie Kirk

Don’t let America devolve into the totalitarianism of Australia.

Here’s what others had to say:

Chris Bayliss
I live in Australia and living life as normal, “Melbourne” as much as they like to believe, are not the total sum of Australians and their ideals, here in Western Australia we tackled Covid hard and fast and basically have lived a normal life for so long now that lockdowns and restrictions are a distant memory. Victoria and New South Wales, ie Melbourne & Sydney, didn’t want to get behind the hard fast lockdowns and so they have suffered longer and whinge about it constantly, Perth, Western Australia, we did it right, life is great

Wow, you interview one Aussie who clearly is not living through the lockdown which he claims is so oppressive…
And you think his views are an accurate representation of what is going on in Australia?
You are welcome to keep him…

Maria Wood
I would rather be living in Australia at the moment than anywhere else, our state NSW has been in lockdown for 4mths but we are coming out of it now , our Govt has done the right thing to keep us safe , yes police were doing their jobs to keep us safe, the army was delivering food and helping out , the only people hassled by police were the ones breaking the law, most of us were doing the right thing , the media and the left are blowing this out of proportion , I am proud of my govt and my country for looking after us .Also proud of how the majority of Australians have pulled together in the true Aussie spirit .

Donnys Garage
I’ve always looked up to America and wished we in Australia had more similarities, yet our similarities are now looking like the country that we were taught, was not the way life should be!
It saddens me we are abiding to this change.

Steve PA
Sadly Australia is becoming the laughingstock of the world. Majority of the Australian people in this generation don’t value freedom because they are too privileged & they’ve never had to fight for it, we were always sitting ducks for the agenda that is upon us & what is coming.

Olga Ghiri
Well said mate living in Melbourne under these ridiculous rules and dictatorship is an abuse of our democracy

Cam Calder
I’m from Melbourne too. I can’t believe people think it isn’t real, it is very real. Another thing to add is the vaccine has been mandated for ALL workers in Victoria. If you aren’t jabbed you can’t work
Thank you for posting this, please keep the conversations about Australia going, we need all the support we can get

Brian Sellick
We have been loosing Freedom of speech a long time before COVID-19 it’s what all those snowflakes lefties want so they can control everyone with their views on how society should be without children been brought up with a father and mother with respect for yourself and others instead they trying to put fear of into children to achieve their goals witch in the long term will fail.

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