The Cov Hysteria in Australia Is Out of Control

The Cov Hysteria in Australia Is Out of Control

The Cov Hysteria in Australia Is Out of Control

By Ben Shapiro

Candace is joined by five guests from Down Under to discuss what it’s like living under Australia’s draconian COVID lockdowns and why more people aren’t rising up against this tyranny.

Here’s what others had to say:

Terry Dalton
Thank you Candace for exposing this….. Other countries used to look to Australia in admiration of our freedom and relaxed lifestyle. But now, we are looked upon by other countries with shock; disbelief; sympathy; and concern for how we are being governed in what amounts to a totalitarian, and undemocratic, authoritarianism, most of which is in complete conflict with our constitution. The news commentary from the USA about Australia is similar to how one observes life in North Korea ……….and so many people here are just accepting it and complying like sheep. It is truly scary. No-one is really afraid of Covid….they’re afraid of the government.

Ben Johnson
Yep my last day today till im poisoned. I’m holding the line as much as i can. Getting harder. I got about 2 months max of funds with no job. Sooo. Anyone in geelong victoria australia know a good place to park n sleep….

Juli Ekman
We are so grateful that you are letting the world know about our in home detention. Can’t even go for a walk at night after 9.00p.m. Its just crazy. We are officially the worst state in every respect of you live in Melbourne. Worst case numbers, worst hotel quarrying breaches, worst deathes, worst suicide rates, worst financial disaster the list just goes on and on.

Madeleine Drake
I live in NSW, Australia and these views are not ones shared by all. It’s clearly only the ones that support their agenda. I can only comment on NSW but our “lock down” isn’t as severe. I lived in a “hot spot” but could still pretty much go about my day. Now with high vaccine rates, 70% of people can travel throughout Greater Sydney and the rest in a few weeks time, vaccinated or non-vaccinated. Greater Sydney is also quite large- 17x larger than the size of New York. I find it ridiculous that this page keeps trying to comment on Australia when they’re only sharing views of the minorities.

Nikki Chambers
Thank you so much for helping to bring awareness to what is happening in Australia. They need our support and love.

Lennie Pearce
Thank you for giving our brave people a place to voice how it really feels here.

Louise van Gaal
She is not raising her children in freedom – she might be raising them righteously – but it is not freedom.

Fiona Baptie
123,000 lose their jobs in four weeks because of Poor choices made by Dan’s Govt’s! Freedom to choose is not ANTI.

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