Vladimir Putin Didn’t Just Invade Ukraine on 24/02/2022, He Officially Ended the Petrodollar System

Vladimir Putin Didn’t Just Invade Ukraine on 24/02/2022, He Officially Ended the Petrodollar System

Vladimir Putin Didn’t Just Invade Ukraine on 24/02/2022, He Officially Ended the Petrodollar System

By LauraAboli

“How? Remember, Russians don’t do anything without a plan. They & China have been prepping for this moment for years & are now ready:

Russia has stated NATO expansion into Ukraine was a red line.

-They knew their invasion of Ukraine would be inevitable and would have strategized that the US/West’s response would be SWIFT $ system exclusions/sanctions.

It is reasonable to expect that Russia’s next step would have been to shut off oil/gas pipelines to Europe, as Russia has built up huge Yuan, gold & commodity reserves.

-This will cause massive price and supply disruptions (war level) to the western markets & monetary system.

– For years Russia & China have looked for ways to re-monetize gold & exit abuses of SWIFT system as a geopolitical tool against them, but how to do it, how to exit, without West declaring it an act of aggression or war against the West?

– This Ukraine invasion just accomplished that end for them. And the West is doing it themselves.

-Now, freed to declare themselves SWIFT system outcasts by the western govt hands, Russia can now say “we will turn oil pipelines back on, but not for dollars.”

– Russia then declares that Europe or anyone that wants Russian oil (as of 3rd largest global producer) or Russian/Ukrainian wheat (1/4 of the world’s production) must pay in gold, or use the ruble-yuan gold-backed payment system.

– Their leverage as an oil producer (who cuts off supply) will cause almost immediate price shocks to the western world. A good part of the population could immediately be unable to heat their homes.

– Almost equal to the oil shock they’d cause is their ability to cause food shortages and price spikes through the disruption of wheat production.

-Unmentioned in all this is China. Who has been silent & not condemned Russia? That means silent approval & cooperation.

– China will act to soak up Russian production of oil and wheat to soften the blow to their “strategic partner”.

– This will again be through the Yuan-Ruble facility and at some point overtly-stated gold backing of that system by Russia and China.

– The West will of course declare those last two bullets as acts of global aggression and direct threats to the “world monetary system”.

– At this point that there will be a clear fracture of the world’s monetary system into 2 competing East/West structures, circling back to the initial point that the 50-year global petrodollar system has just officially been ended by Putin.

If the above analysis is indeed correct, then the threat to the petro- $ is no different to the time of Charles De Gaulle or Gaddafi, but on a larger scale. They can’t remove Putin as easy as they did with previous leaders who challenged their fraudulent petrodollar monetary system.”

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