Just Before Hyperinflation: The Signs To Look Out for…With Arpad & Lynette Zang

Just Before Hyperinflation: The Signs To Look Out for…With Arpad & Lynette Zang

Just Before Hyperinflation: The Signs To Look Out for…With Arpad & Lynette Zang


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Lisa Bibby
We the people must make a stand immediately, this is our country and our responsibility if we want to keep our country. I can’t wait for the part two of this discussion. Thank you both for sharing this content, it’s extremely important. God bless us all and give us the strength to overcome as well as keep our country. 🙏🇱🇷

Sheryl Cudney
Outstanding & spine tingling IF, one is not awake. And I don’t mean woke! Lynette, I live in AZ, not a city, we small town/rural folks are Patriots and prepared. We know and are actively forming systems and do support The Constitution.

Eritrean Traveler
listening to both of you! So much knowledge and foresight thanks to you both!

High Vibe Homestead
Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Arpad & Lynette! You are helping us prepare for what’s coming and thereby saving many🙏🏽

what an amazing interview!!
Every teacher from grade 1- through 12 should play this for their class so they can listen to it and learn. We seem to be destined to repeat history over and over and over again.

Jason Stanley
An interesting discussion. Many critical concerns discussed that were easy to conflate. The loss of freedoms is not the same thing as hyperinflation. Either is not the same as the breakdown of society and culture. Each is as important as the other.

Brian O’Connell
I do enjoy these interviews. Thanks to the both of you. God bless you all

I so appreciate you both. The wisdom you share is invaluable. Thank you for teaching those of us who will listen. Let freedom ring 🔔 🇺🇸

A G. Angela Evangelina
Thanks Lynette and Arpad for all the great information.

Kris Curtis
I really enjoyed this conversation !! It was enlightening in a different way than you usually come off Lynette. I usually have to turn off early because of your voice volume instead of steady, real, honest conversations .. We are all awake at this point and just an intellectual conversation of the facts is what most are looking for.. Congrats on such a calm real conversation..

Pondering Life
Thank you Arpad and ITM! These interviews are so important. Vital!

Austin Trees
I love both of you two’s videos, this was a great video, can’t wait for part two

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