They Can Backtrack All They Like. We Will Never Forget

They Can Backtrack All They Like. We Will Never Forget

They Can Backtrack All They Like. We Will Never Forget


The Compilation you have been waiting for.

Never forget what these people did. They can say sorry all they like. We must never forget.

Here’s what others had to say:

Tony Clack
My business was locked down and I lost everything, my business, my home, my job, my income, my savings. At 65 I live in a van with nothing. Hatred towards these parasites is an understatement of how I feel.

Rachel Collins
I’ve been genuinely traumatised by this whole thing. Dismayed at my family, friends and by people in general. I saw first hand how easily we are coerced and manipulated. I lost my income, I nearly lost my mind. I have zero faith in any institution anymore. I’ve been truly Blackpilled and I’ll finding it a hard pill to swallow.

This brings back all those feelings of dread I endured, feeling isolated, wife and friends all hypnotised…and then I went on a freedom march and realised there were huge numbers that shared my understanding. This saved my mental health. Just hope these f-ers get their comeuppance . All odious and evil characters.

I just can’t believe that Esther Rantzen actually said people who are unvaxed should not be given an ambulance and die at home ….we must never forgive or forget all these dreadful stupid people ..NEVER..

Emmet Sweeney
My contempt for these psychopaths can’t be expressed in words.

Cathy Russell
I will never forget the continual pressure, it was terrible. I was even working out a hiding place in my house in case they came looking for me. I am so very proud to still be a pure blood. I am not a coward, a snowflake or an idiot. I am a critical thinker that did not want to take an experimental drug.

Top Lobster
I was sent to court for not wearing a mask at a probation meeting when the number of people in the room went from 5 to 6.
I nearly went to prison because some guy with no medical background decided that was the rule on that given day…
Along with loosing my job my home my car my girlfriend and my daughter this has been a crazy few years, slowly pieced myself back together… now I’m just preparing for war.

Watching the elderly lady cry and beg reminded me of what I told my mother at the time. “If anyone thinks they will stop me from being with you if you are dying in hospital, then they had better come armed to the teeth, because I’m perfectly willing to die for my family.

adam cunningham
My autistic brother was in residential care when he was locked down for months on end. Hardly no contact with his family and his life and freedom stopped completely caused him to have a mental breakdown . He was sectioned into a mental hospital alone and terrified for over a month. He lost his place as an independent member of society . Lost his home and place in his residence and thrown in some halfway care home. I will never forget going to see him for the 1st time after he was released he looked like a holocaust survivor stick thin , drugged up , confused and terrified. I for one will never ever forget seeing him in that state after always being so happy and friendly with everybody his whole entire life. I will never forgive those responsible nor shall I ever be able to forget EVER.

Lisa Manders
The hardest bit to watch was the two ladies in the care home been isolated from family , how did so called carers stoop so low . Heart breaking . Anyone who stood firm against these two year onslaught should be proud of themselves for their strength & integrity.

Danny Bowden
Thank you for uploading this. I know I’ll be re-posting it in England in the run up to the next elections.
The lady at 21 minutes and the situation she and her family, and millions of others, found themselves in was truly heartbreaking, so much so that my dog, Benny, came to me to comfort me having obviously sensed my upset.

Savage Henry
This is a stark reminder of the kind of people we live with. People wonder how regimes become tyrannical with no uprising? Well, we came within a whisker of it these past two years and it’s not over while this kind of madness goes unchecked.. trials need having. Justice needs serving. However it is done, justice needs serving. I’m not prone to forgiveness for atrocities.

Intergalactic Shovel
Unbelievable then and totally chilling now. We must not let these enemies of freedom go unpunished.

Thanks for not allowing all this madness to sink. It chills the blood, no matter how often I’ve seen some of this. And it scares me because we’ve now seen what Nazi-like horrors are possible from what would have been previously seen as normal or rational people.

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