Reality Check: Italy and France’s Cov “Green Pass” Impossible for Everyday Life

Reality Check: Italy and France’s Cov “Green Pass” Impossible for Everyday Life

Reality Check: Italy and France’s Cov “Green Pass” Impossible for Everyday Life

By European Times

Ben Swann discusses the protests across Europe and why Italy and France’s “Green Pass” is an impossible standard for everyday life.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Billy Pearson
A lot of people said this would happen when they implemented the ’14 days to stop the spread’ bullshit. They were called conspiracy theorists, mocked, and insulted. And now here we are, the predicted scenarios are being shoved down our throats.

David Camp
As the world rebels against draconian measures being taken through the world. What will Biden and Fauci do to maintain control in America.

Summer Lynne
Theyre forcing healthcare workers everywhere now! We are not happy with this!!! Especially after we worked through it completely without contracting it! Are healthcare CEOs taking money from the government by placing mandates on its employees ???

Carolyn Hrabak
Finally info about what is really going on in the rest of the world!

Mary Blidge
They know it’s impossible. That’s to legitimate our consent to make vxnes mandatory and a digital proof that is “easy to carry”.
Problem (logistically impossible, but something is needed) > Reaction (outraged) > Solution (a digital government certification only officially obtainable with the vxne with a qr code, later, for no smartphone users: digital tattoo)

Julie Clegg
Rules are exactly the same in the formerly great nation of Australia if you have had the ‘miracle” you still have to wear a mask, lockdown social distance and yes fully miracled people are catching and spreading the virus. Our overpaid prophets of baal politicians and bureaucrats are telling us this.

Rose Wade
Looks like people are realizing they’re being lied to. All the governments want is total control and we don’t like it!

Piper Paillepeur
We should just stop testing and stop buying anything.

Kathryne Seward
All I want is Jesus Lysine and what ever it was that they gave to Trump when he got it

Annika Louise Kilgus
Mandatory V has been something Gov/Big Pharma has tried to push since I can remember. I grew up in a hippie, health food, anti Western medicine household in the early 70s-90s…the push was there…just light enough to be hidden from the mainstream.

Belinda Wheeler Duncan
Talking nonsense! Those who’ve had the vaccine and contracting Covid are not needing to be hospitalised & you do not need to have a Covid test every 72 hours to go shopping or anywhere! You only need to get the negative Covid test 72 hours before you plan to fly on a plane out the country!

Linda Johnson
Yes, & they are getting the Delta Strain in Israel, those who were vacc.!

Ryan Meldrum
I’m Scottish and they can get lost with their jab, putting it politely.

Myra Mejia
There is no such thing as ‘Untimely death’ it is what you call FATE.

Rachael Melody Kelly Morrice
I assure you the UK is far from “fully vaccinated” we all know the numbers are grossly inflated, the government chop and change their minds regularly.
Currently over 60% in UK hospitals are fully vaccinated.

Jeannette Rubio
Let us all stand as one human species and preserve our Godly rights..these is the only way to overcome the oppressors..

Adi Honiksbloom
In Israel:
70.1% who hospitilzed now with cov are vaccinated.
Only 29.9 are not.
Update from today

Mikhail Ramendik
Russia has implemented some rather draconian measures too, so RT doing this is kinda not cool I think.

Ed Enriquez
Emergency approval. Not fully tested and no liability. Three strikes and your out!!!

Karen Hamilton
Some people had reactions from the first shot. That is why I didn’t get a second shot. Are you going to make me take a second shot.

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