Media Hiding “Vax Failure” in Israel, UK, Scotland?

Media Hiding “Vax Failure” in Israel, UK, Scotland?

Media Hiding “Vax Failure” in Israel, UK, Scotland?

By CNBS News

The idea being forced on Americans right now is that everyone must be vaccinated, no matter what, even if you’ve already had the virus and are immune. What the media isn’t telling you is that countries like Israel, the UK and Scotland are witnessing massive vaccine failure.

Here’s what others had to say:

Shawna Clark
No No No! We have the right to private medical history and this includes whether or not we have been vaccinated! No one voted for these ass clowns to determine who can go where and when they can based on information that no one aside from who I say can access! They need to stop spreading this poison and making this a medical tyranny issue! If you are vaccinated, why then do you care if I am? You are protected from me…MY BODY..MY CHOICE!!

Hannah Chey
Eveyone is waking up more and more, They start to get panicked and hurrying push whatever they can. There must be big scandal between them of this business plan didn’t go well as expected, soon they’ll need to pick one victim to put all the scams off in their need.

Dale Viars
I feel very sorry for all the thousands illegals crossing the borders unvaccinated poor little UnAmerican kids and parents who can’t go to ball ⚽️ games, shopping at Sac’s or even going to the grocery store.

Paula Husovsky
I’m tired of media in CA claiming that only republicans are anti vaccine. Or that the anti-vaccine activists are all republican. I know A LOT of anti vaccine activists who voted for Biden who are offended by being called republicans. Anti-vaxxers sit on both party lines! The vaccine is flawed! Lawsuits need to be filed!

Aida Ovasapyan
Two years American government talking only vaccine , they never talk about American stress is full of homeless people who goes bathroom at stress and that is the wors virus , America is getting Messi everywhere.

Michele Smith Daniels
Stupidity at its worst. That’s ridiculous. Shut up. You sound like a jackass. All over a virus that most ppl have a 98,99, or 97% chance of surviving.. So sad. This is madness.

Jenifer Ward
If they would just give everyone who gets Covid the meds that we know work and stop hospitalizing them and putting them on ventilators, this whole thing would get better. Unfortunately that doesn’t bring money in and it lessens their grip on power and greed. This is so absurd and sickening.

Ann Robertson
It’s the vaccine that’s causing it in my opinion. “Conspiracy theorists” predicted this would start to happen months down the line after the vaccine had been given to people.

Sha Tahmasebi
Warning! Fuci and the CDC noticed that truthfull information was being published by Israel. When US CDC Director was asked about the discrepancy between US and Israeli cov data, she announced that they are now “cooperating” with Israel when it comes to covid Information. Definition = US, using its money powers, will now regulate what information is allowed to be published and presented to the public not just here in the US but also in Israel, who up until now was more truthful about covid Vs.

Ruby Ochoa
The tests are amped up to high, the tests are wrong…and their is no one that is liable if something happens to you. It should be the individual’s decision!!!

Pamela Duncan Williamson
Cornwall think you’ve got a bad millions in your me I think you listen to them and I think sometimes you think the talk a lot of b******* but you’re scared to say anything to lose your job I believe Cornwall you are Don lemon is a clear boy.

Karamjot Kaur Heidi la Jurt
By now we should understand the plan 🙏🏻why do we not start to announce the stores,the places, the Airlines and so on what takes the free thinkers !! Let’s make the not injected strong and there lives🙏🏻stop focusing on what the shepherd do we know there plan.

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