French President Emmanuel Macron Has ‘Gone Mad’

French President Emmanuel Macron Has ‘Gone Mad’

French President Emmanuel Macron Has ‘Gone Mad’

By Sky News Australia

Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says French President Emmanuel Macron has “gone mad”.

“If you look at his vaccine passport idea, it is absolutely crazy,” Mr O’Neill told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“He wants to have a severe system whereby if you aren’t double vaccinated then you basically are no longer a free citizen.

“I’m delighted to see people protesting, the way to encourage people to get the vaccination is through persuasion, not through authoritarianism and our leaders should remember that.”

Here’s what others had to say:

T. M
he hasnt gone mad hes just exposing himself and the globalist agenda more.

All politicians responsible for this should be arrested immediately.

Look UP
“The government cares about you”
—Nobody Ever

Denny McAllister
We are going to need to see these puppets humiliated, dragged through the streets.

Tino Gruchmius
Macron, World Young leaders, World Economic Forum. Its no suprise at all.

Democracy Is Dead
Macron, Merkel, Morrison, Johnson, Adern etc, tell me who’s NOT a mad puppet!

Youtube Viewer
“Easing restrictions” is just a way to keep your eye off the ball.

Josh Blount
German Soldier in 1941 “Papers please.”
Macron: “Papers please.”


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