Rand Paul Claims Researchers Are ‘Deathly Afraid’ To Cross Fauci

Rand Paul Claims Researchers Are ‘Deathly Afraid’ To Cross Fauci

Rand Paul Claims Researchers Are ‘Deathly Afraid’ To Cross Fauci

By Fox News

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Here’s what others had to say:

Pat Regan
Hes not implying anything, he’s making an accurate statement about you funding things that you said you weren’t.

Heather Aney
Why does only one man controls the money flow? That is corrupt in it self!

Kimberly Floyd
Finally that Rat is being Caught. I’ve been Waiting for this for over a year now. Praise the Lord.

Frank Jones
When someone like Fauci does this, he’s a liar.

Kristina Mckenzie
Fauci admitted it, when he said “you are implying that WHAT WE DID”

David Jackson
Dog and pony show until these evil murderous traitors are held accountable

If Rand Paul “doesn’t know what he’s talking about”, why doesn’t Fauci point out where he’s wrong??


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