YouTube Deleted This Video Immediately

YouTube Deleted This Video Immediately

YouTube Deleted This Video Immediately

By National Times Australia

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JoQer Joe
Lean not on your own understanding. Walk by faith and not by sight. Be confident in your faith. Satanic Child Sacrifice, Adrenochrome is the mark of the beast. The vax isn’t the mark. The mark on the forehead is thoughts and plans to drink blood, the mark on the hand is the deeds done in quest for blood. There are cannibals among us. On a scale we could have never imagined. Freemasons infiltrated seminaries most are genuine, some are useful idiots, some are nefarious. Read your Bible, KJV or NKJV as old a print as you can get. Don’t think Freemasons could have changed Jesus’ red-letter words? Look up all versions of Mark 9:29, KJV: “This kind can only come out by prayer and FASTING”, NIV: “This kind can only come out by prayer”. They left off FASTING. RED LETTERS. WAKE UP! YOU HAVE BEEN DECEIVED!

Great video! From the very beginning of this I was convinced. And, also consider the NEW holy water (hand sanitizer), and their religious vestments (masks and gloves)…couple that with their gospel message (trust the science)…and you have your NEW WORLD religion…
The pressure is just heating up too…

Hey man they took your vid down on youtube before I could get that link to the image of man with mark from forehead to hand. If you could link it again I would appreciate it.God bless you again and stay strong brother. God is working through you.

And they succeeded against a nation of guns all while announcing the plan yhe whole time.
And all the vermin vets said * chirp* *chirp*
They died fighting for whose freedoms? …for their own personal benefit and NO other reason.

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