Professor Dolores Cahill on the mRNA Vaxx. Are the Vaxx a Trojan Horse?

Professor Dolores Cahill on the mRNA Vaxx. Are the Vaxx a Trojan Horse?

Professor Dolores Cahill on the mRNA Vaxx. Are the Vaxx a Trojan Horse?

By Asia Pacific Today


Covid-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission. We’ve seen outbreak infections where vaccination rates are high; Covid deaths in double vaccinated people. It’s now also clear that natural immunity confers longer lasting and better protection against infection. Not only are we mandating vaccination but authorities are doubling down on their targets targets and threatening further restrictions and denial of vital services such healthcare. The media, community and business leaders, professional class and politicians of all colours are mute.

To talk about the adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines and Government intrusion on our rights is Dr Dolores Cahill, a renowned expert in immunology and a Professor of University College Dublin. Dr Cahill is an inventor, founder of companies and has international Patents for improving the early diagnosis of diseases such as auto immune diseases & cancer. She is a recognised international expert and President of the World Freedom Alliance, a worldwide platform of organisations offering access to justice, dialogue for health science and politics and Government accountability.

George Christensen MP is the Parliamentary Member for Dawson following a career as a local councillor, community newspaper publisher and journalist. George has been one of the few Federal Parliamentarians prepared to criticise his Government’s response to Covid-19 and the shocking impact of restrictions and mandates on individual freedoms and public health. In a recent speech to Parliament, where he called for an end to lockdowns, masks and vaccine passports, Mr Christensen was officially condemned for undermining the response to Covid-19 and accused for spreading misinformation. George spoke out recently against the imprisonment of Anti Lockdown campaigner Monica Smit on charges of incitement and the denial of bail unless she agreed to shut down her political organisation.

Albert Benavides has over 25 years’ experience working in the US as a professional systems data analyst and auditor. Albert is a respected VAERS data analyst who has exposed critical Covid-19 vaccine safety issues from The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, managed by CDC and the FDA. Albert joins us to discuss what he’s just discovered in VAERS.

  • We all saw the images and reports of a Police horse allegedly punched by a protestor in Sydney. To us, it looked nothing like a punch, more of a forearm pushing the horse away so the protestor would not be hurt. Today that protestor, Kristian Pulkownik appeared in court. The lawyer representing him is Tony Nikolic.

Here’s what others had to say: 

George Christensen MP… “Vaccines” may not be mandatory that ScoMo suggests but the coercion is immense because just a day or two ago he was interviewed and said the unvaccinated will not be able to just willy nilly roaming around, they won’t be able to go to concerts or shows, travel, go shopping…
The discrimination of unvaccinated to vaccinated is highly illegal and where is the privacy gone when it comes to medical conditions.
And Masks HAVE TO GO ASAP! I’m half deaf, and I found if I wore a mask for more than a few minutes it triggers a migraine. So I can’t lip read, and I can’t wear a mask. So I’m stuck at home getting deliveries. THERE IS NO PANDEMIC… There is a Fear demic or simply scared people mindless – and hypochondriacs.

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