30 Questions Vaxxers Hope You Won’t Ask

30 Questions Vaxxers Hope You Won’t Ask

30 Questions Vaxxers Hope You Won’t Ask

By The Right Brothers

See if you can find any vaxxers who can come up with answers to these simple questions.

Here’s what others had to say:

Chris Williams
Run for an office! You have more common sense and intelligence then most of our leaders

Joshua Marshall
When it comes to info I look into it first ..there’s no surge at hospitals or funeral homes..PROVE ME WRONG

Angela M Finnie
Lol!!! My sentiments exactly! Good to know that I am not alone in my thinking!

Sharon Haddock Fischer
I’ve always been one to question dumb rules. If only more and more people would

Jason Kretzler
I’ve got another one! For years the CDC told us to cough and sneeze in out elbows. When Covid hit they told us no handshakes and no fist bumps. Yet the CDC says it’s ok to touch elbows (the same elbows we’ve been coughing and sneezing in) makes no sense at all.

Belen Brennan
Thank you for bringing up all these sensible questions that no one is asking!

Justine J Wilk
I have another one: why is it that those of us who have antibodies due to actually having had Covid do not get any kind of recognition or credit for it. I have people who I know including some family members, who are continuously harping on me to get the vaccine when I have nearly 20 times the amount of antibodies to be considered immune.

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