COV Infections in the ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Are Outpacing Those in the ‘Unvaccinated,’ According to Reports

COV Infections in the ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Are Outpacing Those in the ‘Unvaccinated,’ According to Reports

COV Infections in the ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Are Outpacing Those in the ‘Unvaccinated,’ According to Reports

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In some countries with high vaccination rates, such as the United Kingdom, Israel, and Chile, infections of COVID among the “fully vaccinated” group is outpacing those in the “unvaccinated” community, raising skepticism about the effectiveness of vaccines and even doubts that the outbreaks are not due to inoculations, according to The Defender.

For example, a recent study revealed that infections in vaccinated people in the UK rose by 40% in the last week compared to cases in unvaccinated people, whose cases decreased by 22% compared to the previous week.

This study was published by King’s College London, which operates the ZOE COVID Study application to monitor coronavirus infection and vaccination rates, and includes data up to the week of July 15.

“With cases in the vaccinated group continuing to rise, the number of new cases in the vaccinated population is set to overtake the unvaccinated in the coming days,” according to a press release issued by the study’s authors.

Although the United Kingdom is among the most vaccinated countries globally, it is experiencing the third wave of coronavirus infections, reportedly largely due to the spread of the Delta variant of the virus.

Israel is also experiencing a new wave of coronavirus infections due to this variant and is one of the countries with the most vaccinated population.

In Israel, approximately 85% of adults have been vaccinated. However, most new coronavirus infections are reported to occur in vaccinated people.

In early July, former Health Minister Chezy Levy confirmed that “55% of newly infected [people in Israel] had been vaccinated.”

The epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina is quoted in The Washington Post: “The more vaccinated a population, the more we’ll hear of the vaccinated getting infected.” This is her argument to justify that the vast majority of the newly infected and hospitalized are vaccinated.

According to vaccine advocates, what is happening in Israel is because about 85% of the population has been vaccinated, which means that Israel’s vaccinated community is five times larger than the unvaccinated.

However, they omit to talk about the effectiveness of the vaccines, which are supposed to prevent infections, not increase them.

12 of the 15 most vaccinated countries in the world are considered risky for travel by the CDC

The U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) updated on August 2 its list of the riskiest countries for travel due to the increasing cases of the CCP virus (COVID)

What is striking is that 12 of the 15 countries on the Johns Hopkins list of most vaccinated are currently listed by CDC as ‘high’ or ‘very high’ COVID-19 travel risk.

Top 15 most vaccinated countries according to John Hopkins University

In a study released by the CDC on Friday, July 30, on the COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts, it is reported that 74% of new infections occurred among the vaccinated community.

The study-which looked at 469 cases of Covid-19 in the resort town of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in early July-reported that 74% occurred in “fully vaccinated persons.”

Is it possible that experimental vaccines increase infections?

French virologist and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier said in May in an interview that mass vaccination programs for COVID may actually be causing SARS-CoV-2 mutations such as the Delta variant and thus prolonging the pandemic.

Montagnier explained that in every country that undertakes a mass vaccination campaign, “the vaccination curve is followed by the death curve.”

This August, he made new declarations. According to the expert, these vaccines carry a part of the virus RNA encoding its peak protein, which binds to target cells. Montagnier explained that the manufacturers of these vaccines naively believed and made believe that the injected organisms would generate a strong antibody response by neutralizing this surface protein and thus prevent transmission of the virus.

However, according to Montagnier, the facts contradict this hope. The vaccines do not prevent person-to-person transmission of the virus, and the vaccinated are as many transmitters as the unvaccinated.

Therefore, to hope for a “collective immunity” through an increase in the number of vaccinated is totally absurd.

According to Montagnier, the explanation is that the high mutation capacity of the virus—linked to its high transmissibility— allows the selection of vaccine-resistant variants.

The Nobel Laureate explains that it is a race in which the virus will always have an advantage, so he recommends abandoning and rejecting compulsory vaccination.

However, government agencies are increasingly pressuring the population to be inoculated. Still, they do not warn that the vaccines were approved on an emergency basis, that they are experimental, and that people could suffer severe adverse effects, even death, after their application.

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