Pfizer To Seek Approval for C0V-19 Vaxxine for Children Under 5

Pfizer To Seek Approval for C0V-19 Vaxxine for Children Under 5

Pfizer To Seek Approval for C0V-19 Vaxxine for Children Under 5

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Pfizer could be close to asking regulators to authorize its COVID vaccine for children under the age of five. If approved, children between six months and five years old could get the vaccine by the end of February. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports for TODAY.

Here’s what others had to say:

Mark Gupton
Ends any doubt as to whether these people are criminally insane.

Dan Drake
I hope to live to see these people on trial for crimes against humanity.

B Vip
I can’t believe People risk their child on these trials. The vaccine may be safe but I’m not using my child as a Guinea Pig for a Vaccine.

Lobo Medina
Nothing says “trust the science” more than a behemoth corporate entity immune from liability that wants to hide efficacy/safety data from the public for 75 years.

Child abuse. This is absolutely INSANE, and has gone WAY to far!

Richard Landis
There comes a point in the passage of time when it behooves the population of mankind to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Those who fear are easier to control. Let’s Go Brandon.

Linda Adrid
Why give kids something that can harm them to protect them from something that can’t?

I will never give my children that poison.

Dano’s Pit Patio
A lot of parents are going to find out the hard way what ZERO LIABILITY means.

When the truth finally comes out, you can’t unvaxx your kids.

That guy mike
Cant imagine that one of the organizations funding about 70% of the FDA will have much trouble getting approval from the FDA on this one

Preston Tribble
Dont worry parents, your child will only need two shots and 35 boosters by the time they go to college. You’re doing a great job!

“Emergency approval”. Can’t do the official approval🤔

I crossed state lines, and now I’m on death row.
That like-dislike ratio puts a proud tear in my eye. I love to see people wake up and resist.

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