Only 6% of Africans Have Been Vaxxinated!!!!!

Only 6% of Africans Have Been Vaxxinated!!!!!

Only 6% of Africans Have Been Vaxxinated!!!!!

By Australian National Review

Only 6% of Africans have been vaccinated !!!!!
You can verify this from multiple sources on the independent media.

The Africans know what the globalists are up to with their so-called ‘ covid vaccines’ (which are not vaccines — they are gene manipulation therapies). The African population has been experimented on by the W.H.O. with deadly vaccines for many years now and the African people are wise to the vaccine agendas of the globalists/Big Pharma/Shadow Government.

Just 6%!

The West should be learning from the African people.

There are 12 different formulations of covid-19 vaccines and they are ‘race specific’. The research on this is out there for you to study. To all the ‘normies’ and ‘sheeple’ – wake the f%#k up and stop being so stupid and naive. You have been propagandized and haven’t a clue as to the truth. You are dragging the rest of us down. There is more than a mountain load of studies and evidence from world-renowned doctors, researchers, and specialists revealing the truth about the COVID-19 agenda.

On the government’s side, there is nothing – just them saying ‘trust us’. They are trying to blame the unvaccinated for the huge number of breakthrough covid cases. Yet in countries with 80 – 95% full vaccination rates (EG. Israel, Seychelles, Waterford Ireland, etc), studies from credible, well-known organisations show that 80% of breakthrough cases are occurring in fully vaccinated people and that the fully vaccinated have significantly higher viral loads when they catch covid than unvaccinated people. Do the research!

Stop watching mainstream mockingbird media and get over to the independent media and learn the truth! As global citizens, we all have a part to play in helping to wake up those who are still fast asleep and have been thoroughly propagandized by the government and the lamestream media.

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