Follow the Money: Congress Asks Crypto Industry How To Protect Dollar’s Dominance

Follow the Money: Congress Asks Crypto Industry How To Protect Dollar’s Dominance

Follow the Money: Congress Asks Crypto Industry How To Protect Dollar’s Dominance

By Ben Swann


Congress got a “crash course on Crypto,” during a hearing in which exchange CEO’s were asked how they could prevent crypto from threatening the US Dollar as the world reserve currency…

Christy Ai compares it to the question of how to save Blockbuster after Netflix was invented.

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Here’s what others had to say:

Brynjar Håkstad Isaksen
The central banks are terrified of crypto currencies. That’s (among other reasons) why they created CV-1984, in order to try to force through “The Great Reset”. It is their last hope to survive. If the people stand up together, they won’t

Robert James
It’s like trying to save encyclopedia Brittanica from the invention of the internet. Technology always wins out. Better, faster, safer, more effecient.

Chris Gilman
I love the comparison about blockbuster and Netflix. The only problem: some people where actually fans of blockbuster!

Mark Skoglund
Umm the fed is far more damaging to the dollar than anything else.

Scott French
The stable coins are denoted in USD. Maybe crypto will save the USD.

Jess Khong
There should be outcry over the human rights violations occurring, yet the knee-jerk response of the US is ALWAYS deny deny deny. The US navy poisoning of Hawaii’s largest water supply should be treated as a national emergency. #ShutDownRedHill

George Wilson
You guys defend crypto currency because you think it is something the gubment cant control. Just wait. They will get it and it will be total control of every single monetary transaction you make. Dont be blind.

Simphiwe Dhlamini
We have already entered the era of De-dollarization the eventual redundancy of fiat currency is inevitable.

Justin Clark
Destroy the Fed and their slave system, the $.

Steve Papke
Crypto…. Made up money by unknown person….residing in a computer. Not audited. Good luck when the music stops.

Karen Chadde
That’s why the big push for the electronic wallet, include also the passport and your vaccine status … It’s scary …

Ron Green
They should just stop printing it like there won’t be consequences.

Joshua Lee
Honestly Congress has the power of Coin, why don’t they just f**king use it already?

Jason Moatz
I dunno, maybe put the dollar back on the gold standard and stop printing away the wealth of Americans in order to fund insane pet projects? Just an idea…

Anirood Suchit
The fed is panicking that is why they want to seize all the American private accounts and have the fed’s tell the American how to spend their money over 600 dollar

Bradley Collins
But see crypto has zero value and the dollar is the strongest currency in the world. Only a great fool would take something of value and trade it for something of no value.

Julie Jansen
Meanwhile, every US acre of land is collateral for foreign national debt and no one is giving that a thought. I mean none of us actually own the land under our structures, but so what it’s only the very definition of Communism accept: we don’t own it collectively either.

Gary Clark
I have some and it’s just looking all the time only gets up to a couple Dollars more than I purchased in the first place then drops below value every month.

Jacob Devaney
What a joke… Crypto is not backed by an army and you can’t pay taxes with it. Ever asked someone how much crypto is worth? They will answer with USD. Anyone wondering how to protect the USD dominance must be clueless about how our monetary system works…

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