Watters: The Person Who’s Really Running the Country Right Now

Watters: The Person Who’s Really Running the Country Right Now

Watters: The Person Who’s Really Running the Country Right Now

By Fox News

Jesse Watters weighs in on the Obamas undermining Biden and the Democratic gameplan to displace him in 2024 in the opening monologue of ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

Here’s what others had to say:

Swamp Fox
Everybody is quite well aware of who’s truly running this country. Obama.

Andrew Miller
“WE’RE CHANGING PEOPLE’S LIVES!” For once, he’s absolutely right. A year and a half ago, I could afford gasoline! Major change Brandon! Thanks!

Ruth Fitzwater
The worst part is that he certainly really believes his own lies since he’s been telling them for so long and he’s no longer in touch with reality.

Captains of the Azul Carrib
These Politicians need to be PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE their claims! Wipe out their personal fortunes if they LOOSE OUR MONEY!

I can not believe 25% of our country thinks we’re headed in the right direction

Masta Blasta
I mean he’s right about changing people’s lives. I would consider my life changed if I was impoverished by out of control inflation.

Mi Bu
Why are we allowing this to continue? The entire administration needs to GO! NOT just Joe! 2024 is far to long to wait, even November seems worlds away under this administration!

Troy C
Susan Rice isn’t qualified to run a lemonade stand yet they have her running the county off a cliff. Only in America.

PV96 Mexico
The reason Don Lemon is asking these questions is simple, he is trying to show the new owners of CNN he is not in Biden’s pocket. He is trying to save his job!!

Slayer Mill
She talks about us “being in a stable place right now” as we’re at the very beginning of a recession with no end in sight. We’re aboard the Titanic after it hit the iceberg and she’s trying to convince us we didn’t hit anything.

Lis K
If no one in the Democratic Party wants to tell Biden that he’s got to go, American citizens will gladly do it for them. Not a problem at all.

Brooklyn’s Cool Kids
Jesse, your integrity is commendable! Thank you.. Praying for your safely, and for Divine intervention..God Bless you..God Bless America and our brothers and sisters of the world…In God I trust!

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