Wake Up Australia

Wake Up Australia

Wake Up Australia

By Walter Kovacs


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Chris Nickelson
They won’t stand up. After seeing the way the average person reacts to all this. I’m hugely disappointed. I don’t expect everyone to agree on the same stance. But people are turning fucked. I’m not sure we can go back.

Tracey Ann Bennett
Thankyou. We won’t stop fighting. More & more people joining the protests. Many freedom fighters here in Melbourne. I’m proud to be one. This is The Great Awakening

Deepshitstate Rdead
muchly appreesh mate from Melbourne.. ya dead right too. n yeah the suppliers of 🥓 will be next.. what are they guna do? either roll over or start being constructive n supporting the protesters. christ knows they’re doin that for the 🐖s too. only they’re not intelligent enough to see it.. too busy infringing ppl with their superfluous cabalist maritime admiralty parasite fees.

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