Russian ‘Starbucks’ Gets New Name and Logo

Russian ‘Starbucks’ Gets New Name and Logo

Russian ‘Starbucks’ Gets New Name and Logo

By RT News

The coffee chain will now be called “Stars Coffee,” according to media reports.

The Starbucks coffee chain will resume operating in Russia under the new brand name “Stars Coffee,” the Moscow 24 channel reported on Wednesday. According to the media, a girl in a traditional Russian ‘kokoshnik’ headdress will replace the mermaid on the logo.

Coffee shops in the Russian capital will reportedly open under the new name on August 18.

Last month, Russian rapper and businessman Timati (Timur Yunusov) announced that he had purchased all Russian assets of the US coffee chain in partnership with entrepreneur Anton Pinsky. The buyers obtained the rental agreements for all 130 Starbucks coffee shops in Russia, as well as the employment contracts of its 2,000 workers.

In March, Starbucks, which had operated in Russia since 2007, announced that it was temporarily suspending all business activities in the country, including the supply of products, due to Western sanctions. On May 23, the company announced its decision to exit the Russian market, saying it would continue to support its Russian employees, including by paying them six months’ salary and assisting with new employment.

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