Corporatism to Fascism: Do You Have a Plan To Deal With It?

Corporatism to Fascism: Do You Have a Plan To Deal With It?

Corporatism to Fascism: Do You Have a Plan To Deal With It?

By National Times Australia

The combination of government (power) and corporations (money) is a toxic marriage. It is not the proper role of government to intervene in the economy, and to tilt the tables in any direction through force. The proper role of government is to protect liberty and settle disputes when force, fraud, or the breaking of a contract takes place. The American people are learning this painful lesson the hard way.

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Mutant Ryeff
When the GDP is propped up by the government versus free-markets, then the country is closer to communism than capitalism.

Jenn West
Chris- that is not the toll of government. Historically in America a case would be brought up to the community and they would decide- not the government. It is a RIGHT as a human being to settle our problems amongst ourselves. Government is the one that took over that right—- just like they are taking over all our other rights too.

Jaen Martens
Wow, as a hardworking artist, mom of 2 and small business owner, I have never felt safe. The Cold War, rise of Corporate for Profit Medicine has all seemed chronic annoyance and limitation. We cannot even get GMO labeling! Thank you for sharing and teaching Dr Paul ❤️

andrea debonair Freeorbit
No easier way to get rich but to get the government impose your product on everyone.
Thank you, Chris Rossini!

Jonathan Philippe
The military are not just foreign policy experts: they are also gender experts! There is no limit to the folly the USA is dragged trough.

HJS Video
If only the government was run with individual’s Liberties in mind.

John jones
And yes that’s how free market is supposed to work but the biggest problem is we don’t have a free press actually does their job and ask questions of power you can’t have true capitalism or a true free market without a real press

Stuart Green
I am glad to hear Dr. Paul frame the Dem’s actions as purposely creating chaos rather than just being incompetent. Incompetence is a ruse. They are not making stupid mistakes. Lockstep BS takes smarts. And of course, as Dr. Paul says, it is the door for more and more control by whatever political posture they care to pose in.

Lloyd Braun
Easier to keep the enemy out on our border than thousands of miles away. This “we have to fight them over there” is bull crap

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