Congress Jim Jordon Asks Doctor a Question That Fauci Won’t Ask, His Response Is Unbelievable

Congress Jim Jordon Asks Doctor a Question That Fauci Won’t Ask, His Response Is Unbelievable

Congress Jim Jordon Asks Doctor a Question That Fauci Won’t Ask, His Response Is Unbelievable

By Louise Kennedy


Why are they hiding this answer from the American people? You’d think it would be the number one Priority for Fauci, but it’s not because he’s a fraud!

Here’s what others had to say:

Sherry JB
I wish MSNBC would show this stuff to their audiences!!!

June Pickerell
FIRE FAUCI, Thanks Jim Jordan for finding out the truth , now everyone needs to hear this

Rob Neeley
The woodchucker asked. How many vaccines, can a vaccine taker take, if they vaccine taker, could take vaccines? His reply was. As many as it will take, for the government to control the vaccine takers life!

Sharon Gumbeski Endler
Senator Johnson, with all due respect, the Conversation should be about hitting the NIH , CDC, NHI to it’s bare bones, along with every other corrupt bureaucracy !
Instead of more air time to get re elected.
Dr. David Martin provided all the documents, especially the 2014 one, that is more than enough to push the DOJ to bring over 6 felony counts against Fauci and then PERHAPS other dominoes will fall !
Why won’t you do this Senator?

Tim Gondolf
The fact is they know and we know, CCP doesn’t have any problem knowing the answers !

Jacqueline Whiteblack
Lower their pay cut out this nonsense we are sick of them making all the money and not the American people thanks Jim Jordan.

Robert Hunter
Showing how the government screws the taxpayers. Geees!

Colleen Gular
58 billion and not a dime to study natural immunity?! Too busy lining their pockets with that budget.

Amanda Warren
This is why I wont go back to any doc I already at 41 told my husband to let me die at home don’t trust any health officials now already had doubts when I did go now my son is affected because of the military and they dont or wont take care of thier soldiers barely 18 and where he was at if u don’t take this crap they are bullied my son would have turned it down had he be properly informed use to have great respect for the military but now knowing how they treated him nope gov on any branch is corrupt and it’s ashamed we can’t live our lives instead we have godless heathens in office who believe or not want population control that’s why gov this story just came out they own half the vaccine that’s why they r pushing it we depopulate naturally daily everyday just like we are supposed to.

Daniel Helquist
The answers are there about what’s being done with Fifty 58 Billion Dollars and as well as a Explanation of Accountability. Great Job Jim Jordan.

Tim Abell
I don’t support Jordan but in this case he is right. There should be a major investigation into why they won’t acknowledge natural immunity.

Bobbie Gaunder
They are hiding it because so many of them hold stocks in the vaccine, so they have to push it, Biden has stock in the vaccines, I would think that would be a conflict of interest when they are spending our stimulus money!!!

Gail Widman
Thank you Congressmen Jorden for standing up for the people ,dr. Fakie or what ever he calls himself needs to be arrested for crimes against American citizens. Bob

Mertle Walden
Keep digging Mr Jordan. I appreciate your efforts. America is holding its breath.

Ray Charsley
This doesn’t surprise me in the least, shocking miss use of tax payers money.

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