Australia Declines Into a Biomedical Police State – Ingraham Angle

Australia Declines Into a Biomedical Police State – Ingraham Angle

Australia Declines Into a Biomedical Police State – Ingraham Angle

By Real Rukshan


Here’s what others had to say: 

Annie Hansen
Great work Real Rukshan. You deserve the international recognition ! ♥️ MSM must ne quite unhappy with you though !

Cate Debus
So important what you are doing! Truth will prevail!!!!!!

Maiya Royal-Barnett
Thank you for sharing the truth man

John Bajada
The final line says it all, Australia making China proud.

Louisa Rovetto
The Government wants to turn Victoria into China.

Mandyy Janee
You deserve to be Australian of the Year if that’s even still a thing in our prison!!

Dee Dee
It’s great watching your videos, shame they have blocked them now though

Scott Ralston
Thanks Rukshan you deserve an award for your true coverage, Mate this is real journalism.

Luke Hartley
I herd you have been getting death threats from yesterday. We hope you are ok and know it only means what you are doing is the right thing and they are scared.

Rach Ó Mórdha
I saw your story that there were no groups gathering today in the city. Then I saw an aerial photo someone else sent me, stating that there were nurses and teachers protesting. I’m wondering what’s going on. Have police censored you and told you to post the story about no-one gathering in an attempt to throw people off, so they back down? Maybe someone else from the city can confirm what has happened today? Not doubting you Rukshan, it’s censorship and the government I question. Love your coverage Rukshan, you’re the best.

Tanya Palo Santo
You represented us in Victoria Rukshan! Well done, so proud we have such an intelligent and humble media representative for Victorian people and keep doing what you are doing! Great work.

XinYin Ooi
Communists have infiltrated our country for years most of us just didn’t realise it.

Joed Galler
It’s not about the vaccine anymore ,It’s about power and Andrew’s govt got a big ego.

Robyn Banks
Thanks to Lara and you Ruksan, was great to see you televised in the US, taking our truth to the world.

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