A Contagion of Courage Is Spreading Across America!

A Contagion of Courage Is Spreading Across America!

A Contagion of Courage Is Spreading Across America!

By USA Tomorrow

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Paula Tuttle
Mike, I don’t think the lethal injection league thought this doggie robot deployment through? Even I, a 71 year old woman with a Merlin .22 rifle and probably wouldn’t have the nerve to shoot a human, will GLADLY use the robots for target practice, especially since I haven’t really spent enough time at the shooting range. (BTW, my proficiency with my firearm cost me 10 points in your “preparedness quiz”. I got 10 points for all the rest of the questions though!

Cecille Chan
I hope people being fired for not taking the vaccine will NOT sign any papers agreeing to anything. This is the advice of Dr.Simone Gold who is also a lawyer. If you agree to being fired you will not have any recourse later under the law. Mike, I get nauseous every time you mention Lori Lightfoot.

Time to take it all back! Lets ALL boycott all the stupid mandates Thanksgiving week. Y;all can cook a turkey anytime, Gotta pull up our bootstraps! Just think, if we all simultaneously refuse the mask, the evil vax, the “just stay home” and just get together and live, love and be true Americans as the fantastic Free Nation we are! Oh, and get rid of your siri and alexa.

Rist Rocket
Non toxic gas in the subway? Let me say that a different way, the gas released is in itself not toxic but will VERY LIKELY accidentally react “unexpectedly” with gases which just “happen” to be present in the subway system. If you must ride these rails I suggest full face gas mask.

Heuristic Nepenthean
Seems american females demonstrate more valor than others

Not only in the USA, but across the world! We are indeed courageous, but out backs are against the wall! As novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand once said possible social pressure against her when she would testify about the exposure of Communist sympathizers and spies in Hollywood in the late 1940’s…”I am not brave enough to be a coward, I see the consequences too clearly!
A well taken point spoken by a refugee from Stalin’s USSR.

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