The New Earth Manifesto

The New Earth Manifesto

The New Earth Manifesto

By AwakeInTheDreamMovie

THE NEW EARTH MANIFESTO is a bright vision of our Earth, where all living beings live in harmony with each other.
It is a light at the end of our collective birth process into a new light-filled age.

You can find the manifesto at
Sign in there and say “YES, I WANT TO LIVE THE PARADISE ON EARTH!”

USE YOUR CREATIVE POWER to MANIFEST this New Earth here and now:

Watch this video and let your very own images arise within you, smile into these images – fill and animate them with your joy, with the LOVE THAT YOU ARE.
In doing so, you draw this beautiful and fulfilling vision into reality like a magnet.
Each one of us carries a seed of paradise, a memory of a life in perfect harmony with all being.
Let the NEW EARTH grow from these seeds, while we can observe how the old world is now – at the end of the “Kali Yuga, the age of separation” – falling apart and composting in a process of realisation and awakening into humus that can strengthen our roots.

Perhaps this MANIFEST will also inspire you to find your own personal gift for creating the New Earth for which you have incarnated here.
How do you find this task:
Accompany this video mindfully with an attention to your feelings: where you suddenly feel joy, butterflies in your heart or a joyful tingling might be the area of life that wants to be given away through you to the world.

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