Mel Gibson on Hollywood

Mel Gibson on Hollywood

Mel Gibson on Hollywood

By USA Tomorrow

We’ve come to find out that what he’s saying it true, and much much darker.

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Barbara J. Tatana
Man do I understand what you are clearly saying wear a smile on your face come hell or high water. Some people do not have the capacity for empathy God bless you keep on smiling just love other wise you will be eaten so so true. Love to you.

Donna Sullivan

Tonya H Price
I know he is telling the truth from experience please help save our children God bless.

Patricia M Newman
Yea well u can love them and pray for them but continuing to allow the behaviors makes u just as guilty.

Rachel Claire Pfafflin-Silva
The whole industry in Hollywood is full of evil psychopaths that survives on adrenochrome!!
He was speaking very tongue in cheek way – sarcasm but truthfully of course !

Patricia Buchanan
Imagine being a basically normal person, wanting to practise your craft, and having to deal with the amoral, decrepit, maniacal egos. No wonder some of the actors lived as far away from the centre of it all, Hollywood, as they could.
I dont know, but is that perhaps why Kevin Costner has always been ‘shoved aside ‘ in Hollywood? I do stand to be corrected here, as you never hear about him, scandalwise, that is.

John Rutherford-d
This is happening in real life these days …just in general just common life situations not many solid people left

Loraine Chuckry
Always loved Mel Gibson movies! You are the best Mel Gibson!

Fernando Chavez
Its like when people talk about selling your soul and people take it like “Actually” but everything is metaphorically. You’re just pretty much giving up YOUR life (living comfortably and how you actually want to live) for a life of fame and a pretty which could just be an act or persona someone puts on and usually people get so deep that there’s no going back to just being a normal person with at least some type of privacy. Makes some conspiracy theories make a bit of sense but they are what they are 😉

Akeel Lendor
I wonder if people realise he is clearly speaking of the belly of the beast where there is no order or empathy. He is describing the moral struggle of that place called Hollywood , it either breaks you or make you either you smart to see the carousel of of confusion or you give your soul up or join them.


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