A Must Watch: The Volunteers – Telepathic Version

A Must Watch: The Volunteers – Telepathic Version

A Must Watch: The Volunteers – Telepathic Version

By Cosmic Pure Love

A story about the volunteers who came from every corner of the Universe to assist with Earth`s awakening!

“The Volunteers” Legends of the 21st century humans!

Here’s what others had to say:

Truth is Treason
yup this is EXACTLY what my awakening told me last month.. i swear this shit is fuckin real.. i just was scared of using the power i have now.. but im now slowly but surely accepting it

Bob Mello
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

I’ve thought about scenarios like this before. It was pretty mind blowing to watch this actually. It’s like somebody was finishing a story I’ve been pondering.

SirDongNutz –
Had my spiritual awakening November 21st, a month later the great conjunction happened. And this video made me feel an emotion that made me want to cry. I am beyond happy to be alive rn. To be able to experience this new beginning.

This video makes me cry every time I watch it! It resonates with my soul so much.

Rachel Lozano
This is powerful, beautiful & magical! New earth here we come!

Abrey AdamsPhotography
What a beautiful messages! So similar to the Plan of Salvation that I was taught as a child! Through my own experience of healing past traumas and my own spiritual journey I believe these things to be true.

Alfredo Sosa
I just loved this video. It’s a powerful message to all human beings that help us to wake up. Thank you from my Soul to Yours. It’s very REAL and TOUCHING information to remember.

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