Why I Took a Stand Against Big Pharma

Why I Took a Stand Against Big Pharma

Why I Took a Stand Against Big Pharma

By Candace Owens

Here’s what others had to say:\

Edith Norman
When they said you couldn’t sue the company who gives you this vaccine, threw a red flag up for me. Thank you Candance for standing up for everyone. God bless you!!!

Jill N Ray Litzinger
Big Pharma has been handed a completely liability free income stream by our politicians.

Taylor Anne
My weekly testing will take my only day off away from me and charge my insurance which has a high deductible that I already can’t afford!

Elle Marie
I’m proudly unvaccinated. I’ve had covid. I also have a big pharma medication injury that I have to live with 24/7, and the vaccine would kill me. CHOICE MATTERS.

Lori Davidson Roark
Love you Candace! Stand your ground. This should never be forced on anyone! 🎉

Nina Evagelou
My daughter is a nurse, was told to get it or be fired. So she did and had anaphylaxis shock within 5 min. Was in emergency.. she is ok now but very Allergic!!!

Katie Leanne
As a nurse I’m hoping my religious exemption gets approved

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