Why Are the Most Vaxinated Countries Experiencing Surges in COVID Cases?

Why Are the Most Vaxinated Countries Experiencing Surges in COVID Cases?

Why Are the Most Vaxinated Countries Experiencing Surges in COVID Cases?

By Canadian Times

Why Are The Most Vaccinated Countries Experiencing Surges In Covid Cases?

Why Aren’t The Least Vaccinated Countries Experiencing The Surges?


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Kim Gallo Daniels
I work in an urgent care center…huge increase in vaccinated patients, with upper respiratory infections…covid positive !!!

Luiza Luiza
Oh course they know why . It’s was created that way .. with criminal purpose

Michael Geiger
That’s why I never had the flu shots because my job would give out the flu shots every year and I’ve seen people year after year get the flu shots and every year about a third to half would turn around and call in with the flu may just be coincidence but that’s why I won’t get the covid shot

Karin Meister
The flu went rampant since they have been pushing the flu vaccine, this is nothing new

Jeffrey Topp
If you’ve never seen Live and Let Die you should watch it. The villain gives away a billion dollars in heroine, driving his competitors out of the business and driving up addiction rates. His goal is to ultimately charge tenfold for the product. Wonder of that’s where we’re headed.

Bud Bringleson
Do you care about your children, do you care about your friends and loved ones? You say we are selfish for not getting vaccinated with a experimental vaccine. Now who just guilted their loved ones into being a experiment and put their lives at risk?

Mike Covan
I would guess it’s because of the countries with more vaccinations beginning to ease their covid restrictions. But obviously if you have a significant portion of the population refusing to take it (which in my opinion they have the right to do), and restrictions loosening it will lead to an increase of cases. It’s not really that odd of a coincidence it’s actually to be expected in most cases. In Hawaii we had travel restrictions and quarantines upon arrival. We had virtually no community spread for a year. We are about 65 percent vaccinated. They’ve now relaxed a lot of the restrictions so now we have people with no travel history getting sick. A few positive cases that were vaccinated but pretty much all symptomatic or hospitalized people weren’t.

Tanya Stevens Varner
This whole situation doesn’t make sense; glad I’m not getting the jab. I just wish my family hadn’t gotten it!


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