VSRF Call Today: Fighting University C0VID Mandates

VSRF Call Today: Fighting University C0VID Mandates

VSRF Call Today: Fighting University C0VID Mandates

By Steve Kirsch

This one highlights five people who are fighting for sanity and science to prevail. We’ll find out how things are going.

Of all the absurd lockdown and mandate policies in the US over the past two years, none outshine what American colleges and universities are doing to their students.

18-21 year olds remain one of the least at-risk demographic groups for severe Covid impacts, including hospitalization and death…

CDC COVID Data Tracker

…yet have to live under the most restrictive and authoritarian policies (on and off campus) in the country. Enforced by a growing mandate bureaucracy entrenching itself within university administration.

On this week’s VSRF call, Thursday, February 24 at 7pm Eastern, we’re going to speak with 4 leaders in the movement to get rid of these expensive, useless and anti-social mandates.

  • Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, MD.  Chief Medical Ethicist at the Unity Project and former UC Irvine Professor who was fired for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Farewell, University of California – by Aaron Kheriaty, MD (substack.com)

  • Peter Ireland, PhD, the Murray and Monti Professor in the Department of Economics at Boston College.

Peter Ireland – Economics – Morrissey College of Arts & Science – Boston College (bc.edu)

  • Joni McGary & Luci Sinatra, Founders of No College Mandates
  • And Eden Negussie, UChicago sophomore and Chicago Thinker senior opinion editor. I’m hoping she can put me in touch with Daniel Schmidt who was fired from the “mainstream” student newspaper (The Chicago Maroon) for challenging another student to debate the science of mask wearing.

We’ll take your questions in what should be a vigorous discussion.

All of these people are fighting for sanity and need our support

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