Vax Disaster Accelerates. Lower Cases Not Linked To Vax. Danger For Children. Vax Fascism

Vax Disaster Accelerates. Lower Cases Not Linked To Vax. Danger For Children. Vax Fascism

 Vax Disaster  Accelerates. Lower Cases Not Linked To Vax. Danger For Children. Vax Fascism

By Rodney Atkinson

Up to 17 June there have been 1329 UK deaths from the Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccinations. That is a death rate of one in every 32,300 vaccinated – a far higher death rate than for all groups up to age 49 in the community! These figures are unacceptable when we consider that only 6.9% of the UK population have “had” COVID. So 93% of those being vaccinated were healthy before they were vaccinated and the rest would have had some immunity.

Up to June 5th in the EU/EEA there were 13,867 deaths. With 300m jabs administered that is a death rate of one in 21,634, an even more disastrous ratio than in the UK. With a 452m population in the EU/EEA the deaths in the community are one in 32,595 – about one third better than deaths after vaccination!

In the USA the deaths have now reached about 6,000. So in the UK, USA and EU/EEA we have total deaths following vaccination of over 21,000. These deaths far exceed any comparable post vaccination period in history. 

Total adverse reactions in the UK are 956,133 and in Europe 1,354,336.

Selected items from the latest UK vaccine adverse reactions are set out below. Once again “death and sudden death” rates are high and respiratory disorders total some 35,000 from the two vaccines. Lymphadenopathy continues to rise (total of over 10,000 cases) and this could be significant given that it can be associated with cancer and auto-immune diseases. Many scientists have warned that the stimulation of the immune system by these vaccines could push the body into auto immunity diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (including Crohn’s disease) and diabetes.

Those who contract COVID itself from the vaccine as we have noted before seem to have a higher death rate (over 6% of cases) than those who have been infected in the community.

Indeed there have been disturbing reports of the deaths of 4 BA airline pilots and 3 Delta pilots within a short period of time who had been vaccinated. And of course a Danish footballer collapsed and nearly died on the field of play at the European Championships some 14 days after his vaccination.

A pie chart published in the Sunday Telegraph showed that deaths from those who had received two vaccine jabs were nearly twice as high as those who had received one!

COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer analysis print

from 9/12/20 to 17/6/21

Lymphadenopathy                           5,807

Blood disorders                                7,164

Myocardial infarction/ischaemia    129

Eye problems                                   3,558

Death/sudden death                           151

COVID Infection                                  707 – deaths 44 (6.2%)

Spontaneous abortion                      120

respiratory disorders                    9,087  deaths 41

total deaths to 17/6                           425  

COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca analysis print

from 9/12/20 to 17/6/21

Lymphadenopathy                      4454

Myocardial infarction/ischaemia   329  deaths 47

Eye problems                          12,181

Diarrhoea                                    8186

Death/sudden death                     299

COVID infection                            462  – deaths 30 (6.49%)

Spontaneous abortion                    88 (70)

respiratory disorders                24,655  (22,497)

total deaths to 17/6                     904  (831) 


I am not convinced of the efficacy of the COVID “vaccines” (never mind the thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions post vaccination). The comparison of the vaccine rates and cases in the UK and India are interesting.

In the UK (64% vaccinated by June 22) cases from 1st May to the 25th June have seen a 805% rise.

In India where the DELTA variant arose (only 17% vaccinated by June 22) cases have fallen from peak by 86% and deaths by 80%. There has been no recent rise in cases as in the UK.


This seems to give credence to the claim by the Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier (who discovered the HIV virus in the 80s) who has blamed the high vaccine rates for the stimulation of new variants and hence the rising case rates in highly vaccinated countries – and the correlation of that rise after vaccinations started.

Montagnier says the virus reacts to the vaccination and is strengthened and so finds other ways to attack.

Further evidence comes from Israel one of the most vaccinated countries in the world (55% of the population has received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine) where about half of the adults infected in the latest outbreak had been fully vaccinated. Israeli authorities have told citizens they should again wear masks indoors after cases rose from 19 on June 16th to 208 on June 25th.



The chances of healthy children dying from COVID is extremely small – about one in 1.4m. On the other hand at least 10 under 18s have died in the USA after taking the vaccine.

Evidence the Covid-19 Vaccines are killing Children

Despite this the British government is considering vaccinating under 18s. Like their advice on pregnant women (which went from prohibition to encouragement) they seem to be all at sea. But as one commentator described there are forces at play which have little to do with the best medical advice but a lot to do with big money talking:

Quite how the MHRA deemed the Pfizer mRNA jab to be safe for use in children is anyone’s guess when you consider 86% of children who took part in the short two month trial suffered an adverse reaction to the Pfizer jab ranging from mild to extremely serious. Perhaps money talks? Especially when it comes from a certain Mr Bill Gates who gave a £980,000 grant to the MHRA in 2017

Perhaps they will wake up now that the World Health Organisation has said (belatedly) that children should not be vaccinated.


This interview (long but absorbing and critical content) of Dr Robert Malone who invented the mRNA vaccine is worth watching.

Not least because of his revelation that a Facebook group of 250,000 people reporting vaccine adverse reactions was simply taken down by Facebook. Once again an arrogant totalitarian censoring tech corporation has played God and set itself up as an arbiter of scientific and political legitimacy.

When they seek to avoid legal liability for what appears on their platforms the techs say they are just technical channels (like a telephone system) but then they act as a publisher by censoring views and even facts which their politics finds inconvenient. There are at last signs that even dumb governments are fed up with this hypocrisy and are going to open up these companies to legal liability for content and removal of content.

Malone warned of the dangers of these entirely new, untested mRNA vaccines in September 2020. He rightly says how disgraceful it is that while Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine with decades of safe use in humans have been blocked or attacked, unlicensed gene therapy vaccines with incomplete animal trials are promoted. The only explanation is that it serves the Pharma industries and their vaccines to prevent approval of effective TREATMENTS so that “emergency use only” unlicensed vaccines can be “approved” before they have completed their licensing process (which will not be before 2023).

Any well accepted treatments readily available would have prevented US authorities from approving unlicensed vaccines for which they have given big Pharma big money – and legal immunity for adverse reactions.


As I have shown in recent posts, any form of coercion or inducement by Governments or corporations making employees or citizens take an experimental vaccine is illegal under international law and convention. Here is another example of vaccine fascism:

American plaintiffs in a court case claimed that the threat of losing their jobs if they did not get vaccinated was coercion and illegal. But the judge said that “The employees can “freely choose to accept or refuse a Covid-19 vaccine,” he said, and if they decline, they will “simply need to work somewhere else.” How easy it is to find a job!


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