If You Are Not Vaxinated or Only 1 Dose, This Is for You!

If You Are Not Vaxinated or Only 1 Dose, This Is for You!

If You Are Not Vaxinated or Only 1 Dose, This Is for You!

By Australian National Review

Dr. Dominique RUEFF:
All vaccines will expire on 10/20/2021. Information verified.

The European Union has approved (google) 5 therapies that will be available in all hospitals in member states to treat covid. These therapies are approved by decree of the European Council (European Parliament) and will be in operation from 1/10. So will be distributed little by little around 20/10. The vaccines were approved on a “provisional experimental basis”. However, given that by decree there will be an obligation to prescribe these 5 new drugs, the use of the vaccine will cease. So we understand why all the states said “by September we must …”. They already knew everything. Do not accept any blackmail. Be patient.
Now that ivermectin is authorized again, there is no need for a vaccine.

Excellent news. The Institut Pasteur recognizes the efficacy of Ivermectin. A single intake could in some people eradicate all the genetic material of SARS covid-19. Read well and share.
A MASS CIRCULATION * They lost …. *

Good news: Ivermectin is now scientifically recognized as an effective drug, in prophylaxis and for the treatment of Covid-19 by researchers from the Pasteur Institute in France. The results of their studies were published in the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine on July 12, 2021, so it’s recent. An analysis of the results of other research published in the American Journal of Therapeutics strongly calls, with supporting evidence, to override the guidelines of health agencies and include Ivermectin as the standard of treatment.

Macron’s government knew about it … Don’t give up, save time, keep your freedoms of body and mind. Take care of yourself.
It seems that we soon won.

In the meantime, keep your heads UP!

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