Another Footballer Collapses on Pitch

Another Footballer Collapses on Pitch

Another Footballer Collapses on Pitch

By USA Tomorrow

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Wendy Read
He probably was jabbed. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Let’s hope this young man survives.

Joe Public having subjected themselves to these experimental jabs, are probably now in denial mode as a means to try and hide their newly found fear from what they’ve allowed to be done to themselves. Encouraged by corporate media they were frightened before over a comparatively harmless flu virus. Now, they’ve a very real reason to be frightened.
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, eh?

Paul watson
Going to be a worrying next few months for the recipients of the franken jab.

How did you know what it was called?

Teresa Steele
I emailed my friend, who’s jabbed, the Chris Chope video where he tells of all the serious adverse reactions and deaths to these treatments. She got upset and said she left FB groups in order NOT to hear these stories as she felt her fear levels rising.

LOADS of sheep parents are subjecting their children to the tests! It’s part of the f’king curriculum I reckon!!! My friend (ex nurse ) says her 12 yr old grandson HAD to have a test before going back to school this week….. My blood started to boil as she spoke!!!!

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