The Pain of Regret Will Be Immense

The Pain of Regret Will Be Immense

The Pain of Regret Will Be Immense

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

The pain of regret will be immense.

The Covid fraudsters will court you so much until they get their little pricks in you.

Once you have a used up pin cushion, they won’t care what happens to you

If you knew everyone that takes the vazzines would be on average dead in the next 3 years, or worse, so sick they wish they were.

Would you take it?

Would you do more to warn others?

Some of the smartest Scientists and Doctors have warned those taking them to have a 3-year life expectancy, including Ex-Chief Pfizer Scientist.

Australian National Review

We save lives every day where mainstream media help Pfizer make billions by killing millions.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Maria Amies
They’ll just say that that means that the v is working … 😞 It’s working alright , the exact way the want it – you either die or become incapacitated for life …

Leonie Bell
What about booster shots? Apparently they are required twice a year following first 2 jabs!!

Julie Tuckwell
I have tried so many times to wake people up to what is going on. I have been abused, laughed at and told that the information I put up is fake and not true. I was even told to stop getting my information from TicTok and YouTube. I have grown so tired of trying, it’s draining me of all my energy that I don’t care anymore about helping them. I will just look after my family now, as that is all that matters. We have a friend who’s wife went out with their 3 children against his wishes and all got vaccinated. That night he woke up to find his 18 year old daughter collapsed on the kitchen floor. She was taken to hospital and was told she has heart inflammation. The next day his other daughter collapsed at school. She also has heart inflammation. Both girls are home, but one is sick now with the flu and the other is having heart palpitations. He took them not to get the jab, but they all went behind his back and did it anyway.

Monday Yohana
If the unvaxxed can be a danger to the vaxxed, it means the vaxx doesn’t protect you. Simple as that.

Alex Kelly

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