Coles Is Mandating No Jab No Job!

Coles Is Mandating No Jab No Job!

Coles Is Mandating No Jab No Job!

By Sydney National Review

Coles is mandating no jab no job. I think we should all let them know that all this shit has to end. You could send them a txt to 0429989656 customer care. Time to get onto them. Please share this number around. All they need is a text to say vaccine mandates are illegal and against the law. If they don’t retract that mandate we will let all our friend and family know so we will stop shopping at them. We still have Woolworths and small businesses that will be happy to have us. So over this
Share this post far and wide.

***This what I messaged Coles…

As a customer for many years of Coles, Bunnings.
I have always chosen to Shop with Australian own Businesses and Buy Australian made products where possible.

If you Mandate your employees to these experimental Vaccines.

Myself and also once your Customers find this out as well could cause most of your customers not Shop and Support any Australian Businesses that are making their employees to be forced to have this Mandates of a  Experimental Vaccine.

I urge you to consider Nuremberg.
To Deny Constitutional Law is Sedition at Comon Law and carries Full Asset Stripping and Life in Prison.
It is also Act of High Treason, for which, you will stand trial before a Jury of people, and which still carries the the Gallows in Australia.

I Carol Toigo
Mother, Grandmother &
G Grandmother.

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