Owning Crypto Attracts More Dating Partners, Study Shows

Owning Crypto Attracts More Dating Partners, Study Shows

Owning Crypto Attracts More Dating Partners, Study Shows

By Marielle Petere

Owning crypto is now considered as a new qualification of a desirable partner in the dating scene, according to a study. 

Valentine’s Day is approaching. People, who are in relationships, are now planning to have romantic gestures to their sweethearts.

Special meals, a romantic music playlist, and a bouquet of roses are always on the list of things to prepare. Surely, “love is in the air” is the typical theme of Feb. 14.

At the same time, numerous singles are setting their sights on suitable life partners. Perhaps, they are still making high stake decisions in selecting the right person.

Owning crypto ranks as desirable partner

Being in good financial standing has become one of the basic requirements in sighting a potential partner.

In this sense, digital technology is revolutionizing individuals’ mindsets. The fundamental concept of selecting a partner is slightly transformed.

According to a recent study, more people want to date a person who owns cryptocurrencies and is tech-savvy. It means being financially stable is not enough.

33% of Americans agreed to go on a date with someone who mentioned cryptocurrency assets in their online dating profile. Online dating has also definitely increased during the pandemic.

Pew Research Center revealed that 16% of Americans have personally owned digital currencies. The numbers of crypto users climb up to 31%, ages 18 to 29.

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Australian Taxation Office’s guidelines state that cryptocurrency is also free of Good and Service Tax (GST-free).

However, it is a must “to maintain accurate records of purchases to calculate the cost basis of the transaction when you want to sell or ‘dispose’ the crypto.” You have to keep in mind that tax will be applicable once you sell your digital currency.


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