My Email to the San Jose Mercury News

My Email to the San Jose Mercury News

My Email to the San Jose Mercury News

By Steve Kirsch

I asked them to investigate the number of vaccine-injured in THEIR community. How do you think they will respond?

I sent this email to Lisa Krieger, Gabriel Greschler, and John Woolfolk.

I then sent a text message to the first two reporters to bring the email to their attention.

Subject: Why aren’t you interviewing Professor Nicholas Larsen at Stanford?

His clinic at Stanford is FILLED with vaccine injured.

He’s primarily doing vaccine injured, with a little long COVID.

If you are vaccine injured and want to see him, the first opening isn’t until Nov.

Since he’s at Stanford, he’s in your community.

Why not interview him?

He’ll tell you he’s overwhelmed and they have NO IDEA on how to treat these patients.

Ask him How many vaccine injured patients he’s seen.

Ask him how many patients he’s diagnosed and CURED  (vs. just treating symptoms).

He’s been able to help SOME people get back to work after EIGHT months. QUANTIFY this. Is it 2 people he’s helped? And did he really help them or did they recover on their own?

They have NO IDEA how the vaccine is damaging people. So how can they treat it if they don’t know the cause?

Please do your job as a reporter?

I look forward to your response.

Why not do a poll like this one on the Mercury account on Twitter? Do you want to know the truth? Isn’t that your job as reporters?

How do you explain this poll? 10 times as many deaths from the vaccine as from COVID! DO YOUR OWN POLL.


In the comments, let me know how you think they will respond. Do nothing? Call the Professor. Do their own poll?

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