WA Barber Asks Vaxinated Clients To Cancel

WA Barber Asks Vaxinated Clients To Cancel

WA Barber Asks Vaxinated Clients To Cancel

By Michael Traill

A Bunbury barber shop has stirred controversy for seemingly refusing to cater to clients who have received a coronavirus vaccination.

Sweeney Todd Barber’s Shop recently took to Facebook, asking customers to cancel their appointments if they had received a COVID jab.

“For those clients I have still been seeing, I sincerely ask that if you have had the COVID vaccine could you please cancel your appointment as I am no longer comfortable taking on COVID vaccinated people,” the store’s owner Abi Locock wrote.

Sweeney Todd Barber’s Shop is asking COVID vaccinated customers to cancel their appointments.

“I have to do what’s best for the health of myself and my family.

“I thank everyone for their continued support and with a heavy heart have had to make this decision.”

Her post received a flurry of community support in the comments section.

Health Minister Roger, however, denounced the type of comments put out by Ms Locock’s as “wrong on so many levels” on Thursday.

“We want people to back the science, we want people to do what’s right for the Western Australian community,” he said.

“Get yourself vaccinated, make sure that you can protect yourself, your family and the community.

“These ridiculous assertions and people who take this extraordinary stance are a distraction for the community.

“They’re also dangerous in terms of their attitudes.”

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