Only the Dumbest of the Dumb or Naive and Gullible Go and Get a BS 19 Test

Only the Dumbest of the Dumb or Naive and Gullible Go and Get a BS 19 Test

Only the Dumbest of the Dumb or Naive and Gullible Go and Get a BS 19 Test

By Jamie McIntyre

Only the dumbest of the dumb or naive and gullible go and get a Covid test

The Covid test kit used is a fraud and never has been and never will accurately test for Covid.

So why get tested for a fake virus with a fake test kit?

Why not simply ask for proof that Covid has been isolated and exists, and evidence the test kit works and that those they claim have died of Covid actually died of Covid?

And it needs to be jabbed so far up your nose into your blood-brain barrier and it needs to be cased in poisons.

The Covid fraud will end when people stop believing and supporting the fraud.
If you’ve made it through the last 18 months of the Covid nonsense, and haven’t asked some basic questions about its legitimacy, or it’s bs falsified death claims and falsified test kits and cases, then I would say perhaps go back to school – but that’s where your problems started.
Indoctrination into only believing the propaganda and programming and conditioning of those who rule society.

Conform and do as your told “little boys and girls and you’ll get good grades, and a piece of paper and we’ll let you get a good job.”

But be a good little human slave and never ever think for yourself and ask questions.

We don’t like that.

Obey your fake government’s and fake media and fake prophets and fake celebrities and hope to be a fake star, like them one day.

Be a good little boy and girl go on (as we who run the world like little boys and girls as we are weak de masculated pedaphiles – billionaires who still can’t get laid as no women would be with them as they are so repugnant – thus they go after little children – sickos that society obeys).

Or I suggest.

Grow the f .. up and become and man or woman, not a sheep, and stop believing in fairytales and conspiracy theories such as Covid is a deadly global pandemic that requires mass economic destruction, mass lockdowns, mass suicides, mass vaccinations of a rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly, Global Medical Experiment.
Plus wear masks, as Covid can get you unless you sit down, and then it can’t even though one would have to be a complete idiot to think a mask could protect you from a fake virus let alone a real one.

Do you humans really deserve saving when half of them are so dumb?

Or don’t protest as it spreads cases of Covid unless it’s a BLM left-wing protest or the football then it doesn’t as it’s a smart virus this f.. .

Covid jabs and Covid tests are for dumb schmucks with no ticker, no Courage clearly, and no brains.

$1 million if anyone can prove that statement wrong.

For humanity to survive we require humans to use their god-given ability to critically think.

Impress me and start getting your dumbed-down friends to think.

Otherwise stop being around dumbed down human slaves, that for two Krispy Kreme donuts or a Bunnings sausage they’ll happily and willingly join a vaccine death cult.

It’s embarrassing to exist amongst such stupidity.

Don’t let your friends be such cheap bastards too.
Surely human life is worth more than 2 Krispy Kreme donuts.

Here’s what others had to say:

Corrina Lindkvist
Unfortunately I don’t think I will have a choice in Vietnam. The “cases” are ever rising and they have been kicking out foreigners since May.
If they say you have to be tested (again) then I have to as the government is different here.
Australian government is ZERO help so feeling very isolated apart from 2 friends here who are awake.
What do I do????

Lance R Frizzell
The efforts to increase the division in the community’s is ramping up sadly. Those of us that understand the bullshit will increasingly be targeted by the people around us. Not sure how to side step this.

Peter Delimitrou
Unfortunately we have lots of sheep amongst us. Don’t worry the jab will serve it purpose soon and they will slowly start dropping off.

Lloyd Cole
No protein virus can be isolated to make a vaxxine. Period. This is not a vaxxine…..

Simon I’Anson

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