We Asked 5000 Rabbis About Kanye West

We Asked 5000 Rabbis About Kanye West

We Asked 5000 Rabbis About Kanye West

By Insider News

In November, over 5,000 rabbis gathered in New York City for the annual kinus hashluchim, America’s largest conference for Jewish clergy. We asked attendees to share their thoughts about Kanye West.

Here’s what others had to say:

Isaac Kim
It would be a nightmare to lose your friend in that crowd.

Elizabeth Hillman
The Rabbi who was offering chicken soup. Everyone would welcome Kanye and would be prayed for. That is true class.

Hasse Aouled
I was expecting them to hate and be furious. I found humor and genuine understanding.

Byzantine Dixie
“None of the workshops were about how we control the banks, how we control Hollywood”…now that was funny. Great clip. Loved it all. Thanks Insider.

Gael Bergvin
“I wish him good health” and “He kinda looks Russian” was the highest level of polite irony EVER.

Diana Braley
Blessings to you. Not one person was angry with Kanye. Everyone expressed a desire to invite him home and feed him. So powerful – forgiveness and mercy.

motty k
I go to this event every year and I must say this year’s banquet was by far the most spiritual uplifting experience by far from all the events I attended

glad you guys interviewed them. People are in shock and hating on Ye for making anti semitism comments but the people who are being targeted by those comments are like “we chillin, hope Kanye gets better, he’s welcome to join us for some food”.

Carter Henry
Working hard for something you don’t care about is called ‘stress’, working hard for something we love is called ‘passion” I pray that anyone who reads this post will be successful in life….

Kiba Whitefang
Imagine if you had to identify only 1 Amish guest among the crowd for the ultimate Where’s Waldo experience.

“we would like to welcome Kanye to our community and we shall see…”
The same thing my dad used to say when I’m about to be beaten up

Rusty Ralston
This is gonna sound cliche, but some of the nicest people I’ve ever met have been Jewish people. Like a lot of the people that assholes love to rag on, Jews, Muslims, Arabs, Hispanics, Indians, etc. have been among some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Granted, I live in Tennessee where we’re kind of known for southern hospitality, but my point still stands, being nice is the best thing you can be.

There is a difference from saying “I think that man has his own opinions I can’t agree with” and “I forgive him because he is a sick man” if you can’t tell the difference between those statements then your hopeless as a functioning human being.

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