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US Truckers Mobilize for War: US Trucker Convoy Headed Straight for DC

US Truckers Mobilize for War: US Trucker Convoy Headed Straight for DC

By High Hopes

As Justin Trudeau enacts his full-fledged dictatorship on the Canadian citizens, the Biden administration has allowed for too much opportunity for a Freedom Trucker Convoy to form and head to D.C. These truckers carry the same demands as their Canadian brothers and sisters, and these truckers are being supported and organized by Human Rights Attorneys, like Leigh Dundas.

Here’s what others had to say:

I just tried to donate via ppal..error message!!!
I also registered with the convoy address..pp is a cult controlled site..I will not try again unless secured site.
Jim Scotland UK

Chelonia Green
By driving on by and not disrupting commerce will do nothing to this Commie administration

Chelonia Green
Poopy pants Biden will have his incompetent hands full with the US truckers and Ukraine. all at the same time

Repeal all indemnification laws.

Joy Daniels Brower
Just for the record, both Face Crap and Twaddle have banned this message & your great videos from being posted to my followers! Mostly, Twaddle allows what Face Crap does NOT, but this time, the fascists at both media platforms are working in tandem to squash free speech. Thank God Trump’s new social media site will be THE “go-to” site for posting info and TRUTH!!

PayPal is a cult owned site..I will not donate to it..or any other WEF site..please get secured site for n light.

vaccine police

Send them to New York -stay away from DC!!!


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