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Ukraine Russia War: Ukraine Forces Continue To Retreat From Volnovakha Area

Ukraine Russia War: Ukraine Forces Continue To Retreat From Volnovakha Area

By Patrick Lancaster

Here’s what others had to say:

Wolfs Winkel
I like the fact that he’s talking to different people in every video, and they don’t all agree on the same things. It makes it feel so original, so authentic.

Thank you for the window you open to a long forgotten group of people. Their story is important to be shared with the world. Reminds me a lot of the contrast of Appalachian areas by me and the metro urban cities. and how the folks in rural areas are ignored.

Marko Uskokovic
Naprijed braco Rusi!!!
Srbija je uz Vas!
Take care Patrick!

Thank you Patrick for the English subtitles! I speak a little Russian and can pick out words but it’s much better with the subtitles. Be safe out there!

Juan R
The elder people suffer all the atrosity of the war trying to keep them homes I pray for them 🇨🇱

Aleksandar Zix
Greetings from Serbia! You are making and capturing history here man! May God keep you safe!

Adventure Lover
Thank you Patrick. Be safe. Praying for your safety.

Trouty McTroutTrout
Man, unfiltered journalism. I almost forgot what it was like in this fake plastic news world. Stay sir Patrick you’re doing terrific work!

I am Greek and want to say that local media told us that our compatriots were killed by Russian bombardment. Thank you for your great report


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