Tucker Carlson: You Can No Longer Fight Back

Tucker Carlson: You Can No Longer Fight Back

Tucker Carlson: You Can No Longer Fight Back

By Fox News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson weighs in on the rise in crime and the right to self-defense.

Here’s what others had to say:

Rendering Hues
Everything about it is ridiculous and unfair, but the GoFundMe thing is the biggest slap in the face. The law has failed us MANY times, so it’s not hard to fathom, but it’s disgusting that GoFundMe decides who gets supported, when it’s not even their money. Especially in cases like these, where the gentleman CLEARLY had little to no choice.

San Fernando Valley Yacht Club
The fact that this man had to do business from behind a barrier probably means the people who live in this area don’t hesitate to bite the hand that feeds them. If he closes up shop and leaves, they’ll complain about living in a “food desert.”

Robert Hill
This makes me so angry. That man had a right to defend himself. He was assaulted at work fearing for his life, full of adrenaline the old man succeeded in defending himself. Everyone involved in harrassing him should be charged. And gofundme should be boycotted.

Apeman Commeth
If the store clerk had left behind the counter and actively tried to attack him, I’d think differently but this is clearly SELF DEFENSE!

Jacqueline Driver
It was self-defense, so obviously.. i’m glad that he defended himself, and he is still life. Thank you Fox, for helping innocent people.

Melanie Campbell
Politicians believe in self-defense (certainly for themselves), but don’t want us to have weapons we can use against them when they commit crimes against us.

scorpion core universe
The clerk did his constitutional rights on protecting himself from that man, God only knows what would have happened. he did the right thing.

David Fong
If our society is split down the middle over issues such as this, those on the side of the right to self-defense are not going to just quit defending themselves. If criminals continue to be favored by the “authorities” over law-abiding citizens, something’s going to have to give at some point!

Blue Water Pines 2
Thank you, Sir Tucker, for the courage to speak of the blatant injustices occurring in our country, with our own citizens paying the price for what the founding documents safe-guarded. We are rapidly losing all solid ground, and I pray that the children do not have to endure the horror which looms on the horizon.

Alisienne D’Angoulême
The Bodega owner was attacked & defended himself. He fought in self-defense & he used the weapon at hand. The attorney should be struck down for honoring a gang member. Release Alba. Insane. His store his right to life, his right to be protective of his business. Shame on Go Fund Me hierarchy. Somebody needs to post bail for Alba & he should be released. Period.

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