The End of The U.S. Dollar Is Here!

The End of The U.S. Dollar Is Here!

The End of The U.S. Dollar Is Here!

By The Jimmy Dore Show

Most Americans don’t know what the “petrodollar” is, but the nation’s ongoing prosperity absolutely depends on it, and international events suggest that the petrodollar’s days are numbered, and with it the United States’ tenure as the world’s richest nation.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the moves afoot by the so-called BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – as well as Saudi Arabia – that will likely isolate the United States economically in the not-too-distant future.

Here’s what others had to say:

Natasha Hill
When I was in 5th grade my teacher thought I was un-American. We were learning about all the great empires that fell, Great Britain, China, Rome, Greece, etc. While telling us we were number one and the world looked to us I had an epiphany and asked her what was on my mind. I asked if all the great empires fell and history repeats itself, wouldn’t that mean that oneday our country will fall too? She just about passed out and died. Didn’t understand or know much in 5th grade but I saw this coming before the grownups. I was right Mrs. Bealle.

Mrs Katie Thompson
It’s sad to think how many grownups, many who are raising and teaching children, have no idea how the world works. They’ve never questioned a single narrative they’ve been told. They think they know though. They think they know how bad things are, but they have no idea. And you can’t tell them shit bc they think they know more than you. It’s amazing tbh.

I’m stoked for this. We have absolutely ruined this country with our arrogance. From the people not questioning to politicians screwing the people. We deserve it

The quicker the US, UK and EU becomes isolated from the rest of the world the better for the world overall.

LeAndra Womack
I’m glad you are covering this Jimmy. I don’t think most Americans, at least not millennials, truly understand the consequences of this!

“Saudi considers selling oil in other currencies”
Oh hey, the reason we invaded the middle east. Well that did a full circle.

Kevin Mintz
I’ve been trying to explain this basic economic information to my lib friends and family for 20 years, I’m thinking when people like Jimmy Start to discuss it, people might begin to listen.

Thank u LORD
Let’s be real if Ukraine didn’t have the $ we gave them they would have been out of the fight a long time ago.

Normies won’t even know until it’s too late. They are too busy watching 3 judges make funny faces while a strange person sings terribly on stage to notice anything happening.

The main cause for this rift between US and Saudi Arabia is not only Biden calling MBS a Pariah (which always was just posturing), but because of the buyers cartell and the sanctions against Russia. US and EU want to set the price for all oil, under the pretense, to sanction only Russia. If russian oil is the cheapest, because of sanctions then everybody will buy cheap russian oil. The Saudis then would have also sell to that cheap price to stay in the market. Of course Saudi Arabia will join Russia instead, to perpetuate the PRODUCERS CARTEL!

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