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The Days Of U.S. Hegemony Are OVER Says Putin

The Days Of U.S. Hegemony Are OVER Says Putin

By The Jimmy Dore Show

In a recent speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out that the much vaunted “rules-based order” the United States claims to defend did not prevent the U.S. from assassinating Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani on Iraqi soil. Putin subsequently defended Russia’s actions in Ukraine claiming that his country was merely defending its interests, and had no plans on replacing the U.S. as a global hegemon.

Here’s what others had to say:

We watched Putin deliver an eloquent and dignified speech. Now let’s watch Biden mumble a few words in an incoherent speech.

Putin is the only leader who actually answers questions instead dodging them.

Aaron Mate interviewing Scott Ritter in Jimmy’s studio.
This is the crossover the whole planet needs.

Our economy DEPENDS on war, death, destruction, misery, sorrow, homelessness, lack of medical care, and bankruptcy

I loved Scotts speech as Julian Assanges protest. As a vet I was very moved by Scotts patriotism for man, not an AMERICAN man but an unfairly treated man by the US.

Scott Ritter, John Mearsheimer, Jeffrey Sachs, Brian Berletic, and some others give an honest assessment of the Ukrainian situation, unlike the mainstream media.

Destan 6546
mad respect for actually talking about these things like rational people. The fake news around this conflict has been the most aggressive propaganda ive lived though. So many people in my life are clueless fools when it comes to the war games of bankers and politicians.

Leonie Gureghian
All due respect Mr Ritter for your utmost honesty.
You’re indeed a person of great integrity!

Because its safer and easier to steal American taxpayer money when you send it offshore to launder..

Sounds pretty reasonable from Putin in those quotes. What a contrast to the current “leaders” of the west countries.

Bri Smith
This guy just said a lot of very true things and unfortunately as a Brit my government has been behind you every step of the way.

April Guittar
Thank you for this segment!! It’s so good to hear someone speaking some sensible talk!. Please, have more Aaron, Max, & guests like Scott Ritter!

The United States has been the villain the whole time for the last 30 or 40 years yet we play like we’re the superhero that solves the world’s problems role or actually the creator of the world’s problems.


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