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Situation Update, Dec 8, 2021 – China buying up the world’s GOLD supply in preparation for the END of the DOLLAR

Situation Update, Dec 8, 2021 – China buying up the world’s GOLD supply in preparation for the END of the DOLLAR

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

1:20 Headline of the Day

17:40 Breaking News

32:10 Carvana Co

54:55 Dr. Catie Wyman Norris

– Theranos COO sentenced to 13 years, after Elizabeth Holmes gets 11

– Why isn’t Sam Bankman-Fried yet arrested and charged with fraud?

– Carvana shares collapse, billions in unsecured debt may vanish

– Car prices are about to collapse as consumers run out of money

– China confirms it bought 300 TONS of gold in 3rd quarter

– China preparing for global currency reset and launching gold-backed reserve currency

– When the reset occurs, dollars will plunge toward worthlessness

– The masses will be taken completely by surprise and have no backup plan

– World’s wealthy (and central banks) are amassing PHYSICAL assets to get through

– One day, gold and silver can be traded in for a new currency backed by metals

– Details on a new documentary series being launched by Brighteon

– Interview with Dr. Catie Wyman-Norris from Catie’s Organics

Here’s what others had to say:

At c. 1:01:00, Mike Adams says that the vaxxed’s bodies are “factories” generating the spike protein, while unvaxxed people who are “shed upon” merely face an “external vector that is easier for the body to defend against.” But Dr. Peter McCullough recently suggested in another interview and substack post that the mRNA–not just the spike protein–is likely being transferred from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed. If the mRNA is absorbed by the body of unvaxxed people, their bodies might also become spike-protein-generating factories, at least temporarily. Can anybody really be certain that they are entirely “unvaxxed” if this is true?

if in fact the covid genes modifying injections were really 100% transmissible, we’d have by now an equal rate of deaths among both groups, injected and non-injected. And for our luck, it is not the case. The reason for that I believe is in the ways how the nanoparticles are being administered. Injection directly in blood, muscle, lymph node, interstitial fluid is very different than being exposed from outside via mucus membranes to these toxic lipids. There is that barrier of our own lipids on all these surfaces which also harbor potent defense system, which tanks God protects us. The stronger the immune system, overall health, the better is one protected against that new ILLEGAL technology. That can be seen unfortunately with small babies, which do not have it, and sometimes die due to exposure to the injected adults, i.e. own parents.
I’m personally EXTREMELY disappointed with ALL the american MD’s, all Rockefeller system educated, literally ALL of them, McCullough included(!!!), with maybe one exception, maybe. ALL are traitors, while deceiving humanity with the falsified word ‘vaccine’. That’s CRIMINAL.

I don’t often go out, to busy homesteading but when I do this is what I do before I go out. I take vit. D, zinc, kelp { iodine}, multi vit. {boroca, voost }, anti hystimine and thinking of adding vit.E to protect my skin. I than wait 1/2 hour for it all to kick in.I cover up long dressses, long pants and make sure I take a long sleeved shirt for when I have to be amongst them.. When in a supermart I pick isles with the least amount of people and get back to the isle that has what I need.Distance where ever I can, when actually talking with them,I never stand directly in front of them, always stand slightly to the side and discreetly cover my face anti bacterial wipe,if they ask you why? Just tell them SAFETY which are now freely available at all entrances now, always wipe down the trolley handles your using.When you get home take of the clothes your wearing and have quick shower. Considering IT IS A BIO WEAPON TREAT IT AS SUCH.I’m Over 65 so far, so good. May God keep you safe, stand strong and have faith fear only fear itself.PS I only take the vits every 3rd day and do get most of my vits and minerals from my organic garden. It is possible to O.D. on artificial vitamins and minerals. if you take them everyday.

You’re wrong Elizabeth Holmes did hurt people. Her medical device was used to test and diagnose people. People who could have gotten better treatment with traditional blood work.
This caused harm and possibly death to people who used her medical device. She definitely deserves 11 years in prison.

KMark Chase
The BRICS nations, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Saudi Arabia — along with some others — have decided to back their new currency on commodities, like GOLD. Based on the BRICS moniker, they have decided to call their new money “Gold Bric(k)s”.

Rebecca Lange
It’s extremely distracting that the doctor says “you know” so many times. I had to shut her off. Why are ‘intellectuals’ using such language. I’d rather hear ‘um’. Valley girl talk!

I have a prediction.
The first quarter of 2023 is going to be epic!
Buckle up Bucky!

Daniel Putnam
Mike, Carvana is known for “car vending machines”. They are most likely having a lot of building debt. They built 6 and 8 story glass buildings that held 4 cars per floor, and you pressed a button and the car moved to the center and then moved it by elevator to the ground floor. I’m sure that cost big bucks. The building cost was great.

Mike, Beware the 90 day call back in a bankruptcy. You can have title to the vehicle, but until 91 days have passed, you risk the vehicle title being crawled back and added to the assets, and you added to the creditors.

Scammers=Thieves, give them a choice, many yrs in prison or cut off their dominate hand.

Thank you, Mike, for all of this very relevant information! I was looking specifically for a treatment to build up bones via nutrition and exercise. How timely that you interviewed Dr. Catie today! Bless you for all the great information you have provided over the years. You are a treasure. I will continue to listen to your great insights and ideas, and consider you a great friend to all of us who want to live wisely and prudently. God bless you and your work (and donkeys, goats and dogs, too!).


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