Russia’s Strikes on Ukraine’s Critical Infrastructure – What It Could Mean?

Russia’s Strikes on Ukraine’s Critical Infrastructure – What It Could Mean?

Russia’s Strikes on Ukraine’s Critical Infrastructure – What It Could Mean?

By ASB Military News

Russia’s strikes on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure – What it could mean:

According to our research, as well as opinions of analysts from the West and from Russia, all of us agree that this is the first time in what Russia calls the “special military operation” when the Russian leadership violated its own framework (or rule set) of the war (or the “special military operation”)

From day one of the operation, Russia has made it clear that they will not target civilian infrastructure and that the operation is purely aimed at Ukrainian military targets. However, that changed last night as Russia struck objects that are the very definition of civilian infrastructure; power plants.

Members of the Russia Duma have called for designating the Ukrainian military as a terrorist organization. This comes amid Russia’s deviation from the initial framework/rule set of the SMO.

If you remember correctly, the operations in Chechnya and Syria were officially labelled “anti-terrorist operations” — which changes the rules of engagement for Russian forces.

Branding the Ukrainian military a terrorist organization on the political level gives Russian Armed Forces a lot more power than what they’re currently limited to under the “Special military operation” framework. Russian Armed Forces are very limited in terms of their power due to this framework Putin has came up with in February. If the Ukrainian Armed Forces are designated as a terrorist organization, this makes their commanders and the whole Ukrainian leadership targets of the Russian military.

In order for Russia to strike Ukrainian decision making centres — AKA government targets, the “SMO” needs to be rebranded and bureaucratically restructured.

In our opinion, Russia striking what is unmistakably civilian infrastructure — all points to Putin rebranding the Russian Armed Forces mission in Ukraine in coming days — then, and only then, all hell will break lose on the battlefield from the Russian side.

Russia is an incredibly bureaucratic country, not a banana republic where decisions are made overnight and need no government backing. Everything is done under structure. Support and input is needed from people concerned with the economy, military and international relations — in the background. The fact that civilian infrastructure was struck, if our opinion is correct — points to the aforementioned restructuring of the SMO already being decided and now being in the process of becoming official in coming days.

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