QAnon in a Post-Trump World

QAnon in a Post-Trump World

QAnon in a Post-Trump World

By Trump News

This video on QAnon…what are your thoughts?

Here’s what others had to say:

Emma Beshiri
There is Q and there are anons but the media made up ‘Qanon’. Following what I can has woke me up to the fact we should be questioning the government a lot more, especially on where our taxes go and also how corrupt the media is. It seems a good movement I’ve not noticed anything negative about it. A lot of truth in there and maybe a lot more truth to come but the important thing is we research what we are told, not blindly believe what we are told and then use our own intuition.

Judy Cudney
I’ve been down the rabbit hole. And let me tell you what it did for me. Woke me up to all the charades that have been playing out for centuries. Do I believe everything I have seen and heard? No, but I do question everything now and will go and do my own research as opposed to just blindly believing what I’m being told. Conspiracy theorist are just people that have questions about what’s going on. It was penned by the CIA when people were questioning the death of JFK. Why everyone thinks that’s a bad thing to be I dont know. I always say I’d rather wear a tinfoil hat then a dunce cap sitting in the corner. Human trafficking is a real thing by the way. Too many children have gone missing and who do you think is buying them. People with lots of money.

Amanda Evans
Another adept summarisation and a very empathic view. I wish I had the articulation to be able to relay this to my friends!

Amber Webb
My gut feeling is that he knows a lot more than he’s willing to publicly put out there, at least for now. He tiptoes around these things playing nice to both sides, and while I DO appreciate the fact that he’s trying to open up a real dialogue, a civil dialogue…. my gut says he’s only scratching the surface for a reason.

Missy Heiser
I appreciate you, RB, for never closing your heart to the fact that most people just want peace and a good life for their family. Yes, some wild ideas get thrown out there, however, I believe it’s only because some Americans feel helpless – like there’s no way to change what those with the most power can do to our lives. So we go into self-preservation mode and try to create our own peace and protection.

Kirsten Gittins
Washington state took autologous amplified immune cell vaccine from folks with cancer. They allowed the ivory oncology tower though. The one that that trolled me while billing my insurance that called cancer vaccine, “designer, or experimental”. You walked past me at SeaTac, and I thought if I told a person of influence this tale, you’d be the man. An oncologist laughed in my face and snarled they did if for my protection. She said I got off my deathbed in ten days because I willed it. Impossible. Stage four triple negative metastatic breast disease metaplastic carcinoma. I was checking out. Folks hated that.

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