Putin Delivers New Year’s Address

Putin Delivers New Year’s Address

Putin Delivers New Year’s Address

By LauraAboli

“2022 was a year of difficult decisions and powerful consolidation of Russian society;”

“2022 put a lot in its place, separated courage and heroism from betrayal and cowardice;

“Russia is fighting for true independence, for its people; defending the Motherland is a sacred duty;

“The West lied that it wants peace, while it was preparing for aggression. The West is cynically using Ukraine and its people to split Russia apart;”

“A real sanctions war was declared on Russia, its masterminds expected the complete destruction of the country…”

“Russians are now uniting themselves to help – without any formal instructions; the authorities of the Russian Federation will do everything possible to help the families of the deceased military members;”

Putin assured that with all his heart, he shares the pain of the families of the fallen soldiers;

Putin separately addressed the entire personnel of the Armed Forces, thanking them for their service.

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